SAINT                                                                  AMY OLLE

They think he’s perfect.
A saint.
They don’t bother to look past his dark beauty and seductive charm.
But I do.
I know the truth about him.
He’s a liar. A manwhore.
He is pure and utter sin.

Twelve years after leaving me, broken and alone, my stepbrother has returned.
But he hasn’t come to make amends for wrecking me.
He’s come to finish the job.

Now my dad wants to give him the family business. The business I built through grief and pain.
But my stepbrother has already taken everything from me, and I’ll be damned if he’s going to take this too


Oh how entranced Aiden makes, Brynn, taking her breath away. Then, when she catches her composure you can feel both their animosity rolling off of them, yet at the same time, Amy’s description is so good in letting us see the smoldering lust and love that is still in both. Duly noted by her date Jared, when the pompous ass Brynn is kinda dating is trying to antagonize Aiden, but he basically ignores him. Causing Brynn to start with an anxiety attack having to excuse herself so she can melt down privately.

Apparently, during his twelve-year absence, a lot has happened in Brynn’s life, one being she suffered some kind of trauma and on top of it Aiden coming back. She is losing it, now her shawl has slipped off her shoulders and that startled her because she was left physical scars that Jared says disgust him to look at. When he touched her she assumes to lift shawl, he makes her jump. Truth be told she only dates him because her father kept pushing. She hates for him to touch her, she really dislikes him.

As for Aiden, he is a consultant to businesses that are in trouble. He travels all over the world he has dated supermodels and the like. This is only the third time seeing, Brynn, and the other time one or the other left upon seeing each other. He came home to confront his mother about him and his other brothers, Cian and Rory being bastards. Something he has felt and lived with the shame of his whole life.

The day he was getting ready to leave his so-called stepfather he despised calls with a business proposal, but it had to be private and Brynn couldn’t know about it. His heart of hearts knew this was a bad call even listening to the idea but he had to see what he was dealing with. One problem, when he gets there Brynn is at the house she can’t understand why the two need to talk. When her dad says business she says she should be included since she is VP. Her dad says no, men only.

Let’s just say from here it really starts moving and believe me the action was intense as far as emotions are concerned already so hold on, the fun starts here. Aiden is your sexy as hell Irish protector, his brother’s all of them are loyal to the death and handsome as sin, and Brynn is a beautiful spirit who has been injured not only emotionally several times throughout her life by those who should love her, but physically by friend and foe. Yet, she keeps on and she is always present.

I give this: 5++++ stars. Purchased myself after reading Her Wicked Stepbrother

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