An Off the Court Bet

AN OFF THE COURT BET                                 SAVANNAH ADAMS

A popular athlete. An introverted artist. An unlikely pair or a match worth fighting for?

Brandon, a star college basketball player, is down on dating after being dumped by one of the popular girls on campus. But when his teammates make fun of his sister’s friend, he shuts them down by accepting a bet to ask her out.

Dancy is okay with not being part of the “in crowd” and prefers focusing on her art. Still reeling from her parents’ divorce, she never gives romance a second thought. So when a friend’s brother asks her out, she surprises herself by falling for him hard and fast.

Can Brandon keep the reason he asked Dancy out a secret? Will Dancy learn to trust and take a chance on love?


A case of Opposites attract. Brandon is a college basketball star when a few of his teammates are supposed to be studying in the library there is a guy within the five that is a real prick. And throws out to the least likely guy there that he would give him his Nike LeBron shoes if he asks that chick out and he points. When they all turn Brandon realizes it’s his sister’s best friend who had just transferred in.

Although, Brandon hasn’t dated anyone since his freshman year due to his ex. He volunteered to be the one to snag a date. He wasn’t going to allow these jokers around his sister so he couldn’t let it happen to Dancy either. Just talking to her blows him away. Even though most people would never take the time to notice Darcy is beautiful. You see most of the time she hides sparkling blue eyes behind huge glasses. She also hides her hair in a messy bun and her body in large overalls. But He thinks it’s cute.

You will enjoy the sweet love story that plays to your heart. The characters are the right blend. I love how Jeffery helps save the day. A wonderful short. July-Aug. book giveaway.


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