My Best Friend's Brother (Forbidden Alphas Book 2)


My Best Friend's Brother -
An Older Man Younger Curvy Woman Steamy Sweet Romance

I shouldn't have fallen for my best friend’s brother, but it’s too late now. Just one kiss and I’m already addicted.
I’ve tried to put my desires for his muscular body and handsome face to the back of my mind, but he’s just too hard to resist.
And now, all alone with him in a hotel room for the weekend, I’m left with a cruel dilemma…
Do I go all the way with him and run the risk of damaging my friendship with his sister?
Or do I fight my urges and always wonder what could have been with the only man I’ve ever loved?

Jo is my sister’s best friend and the only woman who has ever made me feel dizzy with need. Her curves, her pretty face, and her wicked sense of humor means that she’s the most perfect match I could have ever wished for.
After sharing a kiss in our small town, I decided to whisk her away for a weekend break. It was our little secret at first, but it soon turned into so much more.
I’d do anything to make her mine forever…
Even risk heartache when we finally return to reality and confess all to my sister.

‘My Best Friend’s Brother’ is a short instalove romance packed with steamy love scenes, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after. This standalone novella, which is part of a series, can be enjoyed in any order.


Jo is the best friend of Simon’s sister Jane but also his too. You see Simon and is the best friend of Noah. The two girls were always included because they all had really bad past home lives and the four of them hanging together made life a little easier. The guys are almost ten years older, and never thought in Simon’s head about Jo, until after she’s eighteen, but now she’s twenty-two. He now realizes she’s everything he wants in a woman. Add one kiss, it makes them want more.

Jo and Simon decide to go away for the weekend, to see what it’s like to be a couple without everyone in town talking and telling Jane before they knew if this is really what they both had been dreaming of for years. Jo and Jane never keep secrets, so this one is hard on her. Causing her to not want to do more than a kiss. Simon is patient but needed to talk to his buddy.

After the call, he has an ace in the hole and hopefully a life partner because he figures out he’s in love with Jo. Really enjoyed this short and this two-part series. These were curvy girls that didn’t dwell on it and their men all out loved on them not bad if you ask me. Free kindle unlimited


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