Cowboy's Curvy Nanny (Cowboy Billionaires #1)

 COWBOY'S CURVY NANNY                             J. P. COMEAU

Please tell me that this is a nightmare.
I need the money, yes.
But am I willing to live under the same roof as my cowboy billionaire boss in exchange for it?

Probably… not.

Okay, maybe I should accept the 24-hour nanny position.
Just hear me out.
The arrangement feels wrong but it’s for a good cause.
It will help him get his daughter’s custody.
Besides, I enjoy drooling over him.
Even though crushing on my billionaire boss could cost me my job.

But how do I keep my distance from him while we live in the same house?
Especially with his piercing eyes undressing me every single day?


Wow! I was looking at the other reviews am I missing a lot. Never was introduced to any nanny curvy or otherwise. This was maybe a chapter's worth of the story where his wife Patricia gives him an earful when he questions why Marie Lee is crying uncontrollably at the front window. Since he was on his way to the vet for shots & checkups he offered to take her. Patricia was having none of that.

Saying she is spoiled because of him and he is never home so don’t bother squishing them in. Basically telling him she feels like a single parent yet married and she’s no longer happy. Now if he caught that who knows.

Seems like she knows how to capture her reading audience because she got right into the drama to set up for the nanny nicely done so far as I can tell. Provided during July-Aug. book giveaway.

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