Cowboy's Sassy Roommate (Cowboy Billionaires #2)

 COWBOY'S SASSY ROOMMATE                      J. P. COMEAU

Will and I ran into each other when he was surrounded by a herd of hot cowgirls.
I shouldn’t even be surprised.
He’s rich, the biggest playboy ever, and the guy I should never trust again.
I made the mistake of giving him my heart once.
But something makes me want to stare into his eyes again.
His irresistibly gorgeous eyes.
Will is offering me his place to stay until I find something permanent.
Little does he know that his new roommate has a huge secret.
A surprise baby…
Who would’ve thought that this player would ever become a father?
But he’s about to.
And I can’t wait to see his face once he finds out.


Another with just a chapter that doesn’t even introduce you to any roommate but it lets you know that Sadie is a girl with hometown values that came from a horrible upbringing and wants a better life for herself and future family. She wants a loving partnership with a husband who loves her and like herself won’t cheat. She wants to help build a home with a bundle of children. Causing her friends a heart attack.

You see they believe she would be setting the woman’s movement back a thousand years. But for her, that is what freedom is obtaining whatever you want or need. For her, these things mean the world. At one time she was promised that by Will Remington and well now while Will give him and his parents the photo op they are looking for she must turn her back on her past which is where Will needs to stay because she won’t forgive him she says.

Time will tell. Seems like it should be fun. Received during July-Aug. giveaway.

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