Tempting (Hot Guys with Glasses #4)

 TEMPTING                                                   EVA STONE    LIZ FOX

I’ve always been shy, which is why I work from home doing graphic design.
So when I have to find a new housemate to pay the rent, my anxiety skyrockets.
I shouldn’t have worried, my first applicant is almost as socially awkward as me.
He’s also funny, sexy, and makes me want to crop it like he’s hot.
But does he really want me or am I just another convenience?

I do my best when I’m in front of a computer.
It isn’t that I can’t manage the basics of life, it’s that they aren’t as interesting.
But when my housemate kicks me out, I have to find a new place fast.
Luckily, the townhouse next door has a room... and a beautiful woman.
June is curvy, kind, and effortlessly holds my attention.
Now, I just have to convince her that she’s more than a convenience, she’s my forever.


This was adorably funny. This revolves around Wesley a socially awkward sexy coder for a software company he and his three buddies own. He is so focused on coding he doesn’t see his surroundings or the world around him especially if he gets into his zone. In fact, he has to have alarms to tell him to order food to be delivered not mention he has a personal shopper that buys anything he may need because his coding absorbs his total attraction.

He completely missed functions for the business to the point the guys have done interventions. Now two months ago his friend slashes his housemate and his business partner did ask him to find himself his own apartment because Mateo’s girlfriend Clara is moving in now in two days. Imagine Wes’s surprise but plays it off. But lucks on his side when he goes to the curb to wait for his food. On the committee board, someone by the name of June needs a housemate.

Wes finds it odd that he never remembers seeing any old people in the complex. When he goes up to talk with June not finding an old lady but a sexy curvy woman who is gorgeous. His jaw drops and he’s speechless. It’s what he says when he does speak that is funny. “You not old!” June replies well thanks. Then, asks “Can I help you, Wesley?” To which he is shocked, “You know me?” “Yes, you’ve lived here a year, and Mateo and I chat in the car park in passing you are right there.” Totally baffles him.

The poor man goes from there to more fun times sticking his foot in his mouth yeah several more time but she finds it fun and harmless. He has a new housemate. You have to read this, his interactions with June are quite funny. This author makes you just laugh out loud that my husband wanted to hear about it so telling him I had him rolling. You will not want to miss this.

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