Goody Two-Shoes (Juniper Creek #3)

 GOODY TWO SHOES                                 C.L. CRUZ

Goody Two-Shoes is a short, sweet, steamy story. It is the third in the Juniper Creek series but can be read as a standalone. It features a strong, curvy heroine and the man who wins her heart.

I’ve always been a good girl. I stayed out of trouble, was the valedictorian of my class, and was even accepted into my father’s alma mater.
But it was never enough to get my parents’ attention.
In fact, when they leave for the summer after my graduation, my best option is to stay with an old family friend and his surprisingly attractive son.
Before embarking on the life they have planned for me, I might as well have fun.
Tank Roberts is sexy, experienced, and sees something in me that no one else has.
When it comes down to it, do I keep trying to fulfill my parents’ expectations or do I go after the life I really want?

I didn’t always dream of being a small business owner, but I’m content with my life.
At least, until I lay eyes on Charlotte Lowry.
Juniper Creek isn’t big enough for the both of us.
She’s young, curvy, temptation incarnate, and living in my house.
Charlotte has every opportunity, and I’m going to make sure she doesn’t waste them.
Even though I don’t want to ruin her future, if I have anything to say about it, she’s going to be a part of mine.


Charlotte’s being displaced once again by her parents. Ever since her dad’s law practice really took off after the start of middle school. She became nothing but an afterthought. Now the house is being remodeled so rather than take her on vacation with them they ship her off to her dad’s military buddy. One she hadn’t seen since that last family vacation to Lonnie’s home in Juniper Creek.

Well, a lot had changed since they last saw Lonnie. So, when she arrives on the bus no one is there to greet her. When Lonnie gets there he arrives as the cab driver. Imagine her surprise when he says he is still on the clock and will be dropping her at the bar. Charlotte is a curvy girl, eighteen, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and no one to reinforce her self-esteem.

Lonnie tells her to just walk into the bowling alley bar and ask for Tank which is Lonnie’s son. When they finally meet he can’t believe it’s that little girl from their past. ‘Little Lottie’ she hates it. He thinks she’s hot as hell, but she’s ten years younger. He loves every one of her curls.

Tank ends up with her for the majority of the two weeks because Lonnie is on a bender. Tank is a hot tall big man, tattooed, blonde man bun, and crystal blue eyes. As much as, he wants her she wants him.

Very sweet book, enjoyable characters, love how Charlotte made her own decisions for her future but for once the person who said they love her asked questions about her wants, gave her tools and support, and a lot of love.
A find on kindle unlimited.

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