The National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection: Celebrating the Game's Greatest Players


 Officially licensed, The National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection gathers biographies, statistics, and photos of over 175 members of the most exclusive club in the sport, all in one beautiful book every baseball fan should own.

Separated into chapters by positionThe National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection highlights the best and the most memorable playerseventschampionshipsmoments, and more. Meet the greats of the game from before you were born and relive the memories that you shared with your diamond heroes of recent years. The text is updated through the 2020 Hall of Fame elections, with Derek Jeter and Larry Walker joining their fellow inductees in a book that features:
Profiles of more than 175 legendary Hall of Famers
Photo explorations into rare memorabilia, including replica tickets, scouting reports, scorecards, and contracts
Notable awards, records, stats, and a complete list of over 300 Hall of Fame members
Full-color photos and informative sidebars throughout
Become an expert on your favorite teams and players as you take a glorious trip into the storied history of America's pastime. Maybe you won't become a member of the Hall of Fame, but after you read The National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection, you’ll feel like part of the club


For anyone who is a baseball fan any book about the Baseball Hall of Fame is worth the read. Here you have a book full of pictures and is broken down into sections by position. You are also given updates on the newly elected members, with some having more written about than others. Either way, it is a good book and it would be difficult to put everyone in with their picture and description though it would be worth it.
The Hall of Fame itself is fantastic the moment you arrive and really before you walk through the doors. Just once you are inside and seeing all of the history is great. The Hall which has all of the Plaques is great to look at and you get to see some of the old guys and their stats like Joseph McGinnity a pitcher from 1899-1908. He would start five doubleheaders and won both of three times, complete games are rare today but can you have imagined two complete games in a single day. He still won 246 and had over 3,400 innings pitched, he is also of a group that pitched over ten years and never had a losing record. I remember when I saw this plaque and thinking I had never heard of this person. This is the type of information you receive visiting the Hall of Fame.
This book though is a good reference and starting point. Like I said there are so many people in it would be difficult to have everyone in the book now. You will see that some positions are short of people as opposed to other catchers for example. I think that there should have been more people in the Hall but the writers like certain positions more than others and it shows by the number of people in one category as opposed to others. Overall a good book with excellent photos, very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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