The Secret Billionaire's Nanny


A Single Dad & Nanny Romance

He hired me to look after his little girl. But the hardest part of this job is keeping my eyes off him.

I never thought I would take a job as a nanny. And I never, ever thought I would find myself aching for my employer. But when Lucas hires me, that’s exactly what happens. He’s a hot single dad who works hard and loves even harder. And when the opportunity arises, we can’t resist.
Problem is, our relationship sets off alarm bells with the locals. And Lucas is hiding something from me that he refuses to open up about.
I want so badly to keep seeing him. And I love looking after his sweet daughter.
But we have to end this…unless one of us can figure something out.

THE SECRET BILLIONAIRE’S NANNY is a fun, quick romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after!


Sophia has just graduated from college with an art major. With no plans but to actually do art, she gets asked by her best friend to take over her nanny job because Ava is going away for an inter job. Although Sophia is not into babysitting, kids, make her nervous, Ava is good at persuading her by telling her Penelope is very self-sufficient. Calming her nerves making her agree to the job.

She doesn’t get to meet Lucas before she starts, but the morning of she falls head over hills in love with Penelope. She finds her to be so mature for her age, polite, funny, and creative. She knew it would be nice working there with her. When Lucas comes home she knows she is in trouble. She sees one sexy, tall, and charming man who loves his daughter.

When Lucas arrives home from work he feels this sexual charge just shaking hands with Sophia. He thought she was beautiful and he had not noticed or felt anything for a woman since his wife passed away. But when circumstance from the neighborhood women bully Sophia more than once occurs she needs to quit. Breaking all three of their hearts. See if Lucas can turn it around. And find out why they are bullying her.

Sweet story. A short and sweet read. A July-Aug. giveaway book.

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