My Brother's Best Friend

 MY BROTHER'S BEST FRIEND                         ALEXA HART


Connor and Vance have been friends for as long as Meadow can remember. But while she is in college Connor had become a womanizer. Maybe being a fitness trainer has something to do with that and the new body he is sporting. She didn’t know, but not having a steady boyfriend after being dumped, a year ago may have something to do with that.

Her awareness of him is astute now that is for sure. Not to mention Connor’s reputation proceeds him. So, when her besties, Hannah, Meg, and Katelyn start talk about finding her a rebound one and done her thoughts shoot to Connor because she couldn’t possibly think of having the experience with anyone as they suggest, if she didn’t share a personal connection with them or that she was in love with them.

When sparks start to fly one morning when Connor realizes that his friend Vance’s baby sister has a figure to die for as well as breast. He wanted to know when she got those because he didn’t remember them. One kiss set fire through both of them that said that it was not a harmless little kiss. For Connor, it was the most disturbing he for the most part is a one and done. With Meadow that kiss carried weight. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. And he truly found that comfortable.

This was such an endearing story of two people who took a chance on the feeling they got while being together. Finding out that taking the crazy chance on love was scary when thinking about others and their reaction but not how they felt for one another. Totally taken in by this story and the bonds of friendship that holds this couple and trio together of two good friends, siblings, and two lovers.

A book received during July-Aug. book giveaway.

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