Fantasy Hockey

 FANTASY HOCKEY                                           JAYMEE JACOBS

Sydney can't believe that famous hockey player Joshua Green is a regular at her favorite coffee shop, and she's astounded when he approaches her. Before long, he whisks her away on an adventure that rivals her secret fantasy.


A hockey fan realizes her hockey crush gets his coffee at the Starbucks she goes into just about every morning and afternoon. She figures out his pattern and hangs just in case. After weeks of seeing him, it’s her Bigfoot t-shirt that gets him to talk to her. An old case of boy meets girl. Josh seems genuine.

This pink hair and all knowledgeable hockey girl is who captures his heart. Turns out he has even noticed her in the stands. As much as she is willing to sluff off part of the afternoon spending time with him, Sydney still knew she needs to put school first.

Cute story but predictable. Almost, didn’t expect the end. Not bad. July-Aug. book giveaway.

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