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1.)  Jeter’s Last game in Yankee Stadium starts with a Double off the wall.  People sports talk have been complaining because his avg. is down but he is still 3rd on the team in hits. 145 – Ellsbury 156 & Prado 151, lead the team – Oh wait there out Disabled list.  Now what?  You have to play Jeter.  I wish those guys would look at numbers.

2.)  Those same talking head’s are not sticking up for one of their own Bill Simmons.  Who called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a liar, along with some other words?  ESPN suspended him for 3 weeks.  Steven A. Smith weeks or months ago, “That women bring it upon themselves.”  He was suspended for one week and regretted & or apologized.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

3.)  On a lighter note, Mike Condon the head football coach for Virginia Cavaliers, There was a nice story on how he was a match for his daughter bone marrow transplant.  He was a perfect match even when they did the procedure it was one in 10,000 it would take but it did.  She is now in College.  A great feel good story.

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