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CURVY WOMAN: What have we been doing to ourselves?

Curvy Women

What havewe beendoing to ourselves?Now, we need to get this under controlso our daughterswon’t feel as bad as we did or do.

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     I am writing this as a mom who is sadden to have heard the reason that may have caused my daughter’s dance friend, 15, for committing suicide a week ago last Tuesday.  Her weight. Yes you read that right, her weight.  I so don’t want that to be true but that is a reason like anything else but that just breaks my heart as a mother.  We do so much to make girls feel like they don’t belong in the skin they are born in.  I don’t know why it still surprises me.  But it does.     All the ads on TV, all the ads in magazines that have been air brushed to the point where the models can’t even recognize themselves, I’m sure.  So, how are our young girls to know what is real and what is not?  When we ooh and awe over all the things I just mentioned.  Don’t even get me started on the runway models that look like skin and bones to the point of…


Talkin’ SportsWith Pat

1.)  Sunday: Green Bay won their 700th reg. season game by beating DA Bears.  In Chicago.  Also, their 90th win against them now 90-93-6.

2.)  I can’t believe the A’s lost the other night and are now out of the play offs.  Just a few months ago they had the best records in baseball now they are packing it up.

3.)  Looking forward to see the new Cleveland Basketball team play.  Should be a good year see if they can bring home a championship to Cleveland.  50 years since that town has had a winner.