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The other day was a big day in Pro football with free agency. There was some big contracts but one of the big stories was actually the trade between the Eagles and the Rams. Eagles getting Sam Bradford and the Rams getting Nick Foles. Don’t know why the Eagles would want a quarterback who has had ACL surgery twice, two years in a row on the same knee, but I am not running the team. I think right now the Rams got the best part of this deal. Then minutes later the Saints traded Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks, now that team just got better. Go figure. The trades were bigger than the free agent signings. 

Coming Friday the 13th Margaret Goodman, MD Author of "Death in Vegas" @ 7pm PST Friday

Coming Friday the 13
Margaret Goodman, MD

Author of:

Dr. Olivia Norris takes on the mostly male world of Las Vegas boxing power brokers. Olivia is a brilliant, attractive Chicago neurologist, married to her work, admired by her colleagues, and estranged from her family. When her brother, a rising boxing star, is tragically injured in a championship prize fight, Olivia swoops in to uncover what went wrong. Did Curtis’s bout go on too long? What injuries did he suffer and why? Did the ringside physician give him appropriate care? Is the hospital doing everything they can for him?

Her search for answers forces Olivia to reconnect with her family. She uncovers secrets from her past that have a powerful impact and inspire her to dig even deeper into the dark world of performance-enhancing drugs.

To find the real truth, she travels to Mexico with the handsome, former ringside physician Dr. Bart Rossi. There, they find themselves attracted to each other, while also uncovering the dangerous, illegal side of boxing. Before she can return home, Olivia realizes that her determination to find the truth could kill her and her new friends too.

Both mystery and romance, DEATH IN VEGAS is a page-turner that offers a unique perspective on sports from an insider –a former ringside physician who is an outspoken advocate for boxers.

Here’s a wonderful radio interview to hear what the books about straight from the author.  Not to mention what are some inside behind the scene insight.  Plus some of the safety measures that are being met to make it safer for all in the ring.

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