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The other day was a big day in Pro football with free agency. There was some big contracts but one of the big stories was actually the trade between the Eagles and the Rams. Eagles getting Sam Bradford and the Rams getting Nick Foles. Don’t know why the Eagles would want a quarterback who has had ACL surgery twice, two years in a row on the same knee, but I am not running the team. I think right now the Rams got the best part of this deal. Then minutes later the Saints traded Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks, now that team just got better. Go figure. The trades were bigger than the free agent signings. 


  1. I still can't believe that Dallas let DeMarco Murray go and that he went to the Eagles along with Ryan Mathews. Now that is some back field. They still have Darren Sproles also. A Lot of speed that is for sure.

  2. I was also surprised by the retirement of Patrick Willis. I guess his injury from last year is just not healing right or he does not feel like he can be the player he was before the injury. He was really a force to be reckoned with. some games it seemed liked he was all over the field and the game i saw in person he really was all over the field making tackles. some commentators said that the 49's would not miss him on defense and i don't agree with that.

  3. Being a Packer fan i was happy that they were able to resign Cobb and Bulaga. Now that the offense is taken care of they did lose one corner back in Devone House who signed with Jacksonville the other day.

  4. the other day i watched the PAC-12 swimming and diving championships. I know for most people it is not very exciting but the overall championship came down to the last race of the 4 days of competition. the 400 free relay which USC won and won the title for the first time in 36 years, with a score of 818.5 to Stanford 809.5. A really tight meet but the last day USC had two events with 3-4 swimmers in them and the Cardinals had one or none which USC used to their advantage to over take Stanford. it was a good meet and i was glad i watched it.

  5. I was a little surprised by Penn St beating Iowa today in basketball i was expecting Iowa to win but they could not hold onto the lead and Penn St came from behind to beat them. Also surprised by North Carolina beating Louisville that got me a little, but it was a good game. College basketball is fun this time of year.

  6. well i hope to have more to talk about next week. stay safe.


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