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Posted:  July 9, 2015

There’s a fine line between love and hate, so fine that you don’t know you’ve lost balance until it’s too late.
I’m not sure exactly when I lost my balance, all I know is that he was to blame.
Dane Winters.
The boy who’d spent most of his life hating me for reasons I never understood.

** ** ** ** ** **

It was no secret that I hated her, but only I knew why.
She was off-limits.
And then our separate worlds collided with one tragedy.
It wasn’t her fault, I knew that, but I wanted her to hurt the way I did, and I needed someone to blame. She was an easy target.
Kennedy Monroe.
The girl I’d picked on all our lives.
And the woman I barely tolerated.
Until the line between love and hate was no longer visible… 

*New Adult Contemporary Romance*
*Due to mature content this book is not suitable for readers younger than 18*

     When becoming parents we never realize at the time how much things we tell our children, say around our children, or act ar…


Talkin’ SportsWith Pat

U.S.A. Women Soccer Team

The U.S.A. Women’s soccer team won their 3rd World Cup Sunday and now have the most wins for the Cup on the women’s side. This team played as a team from the first game thru to the last and did not stop at all. Today they also got their ticker tape parade in New York, down the Avenue of the America’s another long tradition in our country that does not get noticed that much as well. Hats off to the U.S. Women’s World Cup Champion’s! WELL DONE!  

This and more to talk about!!!  So come join us.

Lauren Layne Coming Friday July 10th 7pm PST AUTHOR OF: CRUSHED Excerpt of Chapter 1 part 2 today

Welcome Lauren LayneComing FridayJuly 10th 7pmPSTWell, I'm here to tell you that I do have a favorite of my heroines. Her name is Chloe Bellamy, and I think she's just about the most glorious thing to ever emerge from my writer's imagination. This is her story.This is the last book in my Redemption series, all of which are new adult "twists" on classic story. Pygmalion (Isn't She Lovely), Beauty & the Beast (Broken), and the The Ugly Duckling ... Crushed.But I didn't want to do just any Ugly Duckling story. I wanted a fresh, modern and unexpected take on it. The key was Chloe; our "duckling." Chloe is not your conventional romance heroine, true. She's not skinny. Her hair is crazy, uncontrollable curly. She talks too much, laughs too loud, loves too much. But she's not your typical ugly duckling either, because Chloe's confident. And it's that confidence, that unshakable sense of self that is exactly what a wounded Michael St…