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WELCOME AUTHOR OF: “Jagger” – MJ Field

MJFieldsAuthor of:Rad-Reader:  This was a very intense story line.  How did you come to write on this subject matter?
M J:  Jagger was ‘Born’ during Hendrix’ story. My co-author for this series, Chelsea Camaron, and I wanted the Caldwell brothers each to have their mother’s heart, but also part of their father. We gave them each one of his ‘bad habits’ but spun them.Hendrix owned a bar, like his father, but wasn’t a drunk.Morrison liked to gamble, like his father, but it wasn’t out of control. And Jagger uses his fists, like his father, but in a controlled (ish) way. He didn’t hit people out of anger or loss of control— well, unless they deserved it.
When Jagger hears Totty getting abused, it ‘hits’ home, as he and his siblings were abused by their father. When she doesn’t leave when the police come, it reminds him of his mother who had stayed in an abusive situation and he wants different for her, but knows that people don’t leave situations like that easily. He w…