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Rad-Reader:  This was a very intense story line.  How did you come to write on this subject matter?

M J:  Jagger was ‘Born’ during Hendrix’ story. My co-author for this series, Chelsea Camaron, and I wanted the Caldwell brothers each to have their mother’s heart, but also part of their father. We gave them each one of his ‘bad habits’ but spun them.
Hendrix owned a bar, like his father, but wasn’t a drunk.
Morrison liked to gamble, like his father, but it wasn’t out of control. And Jagger uses his fists, like his father, but in a controlled (ish) way. He didn’t hit people out of anger or loss of control— well, unless they deserved it.

When Jagger hears Totty getting abused, it ‘hits’ home, as he and his siblings were abused by their father. When she doesn’t leave when the police come, it reminds him of his mother who had stayed in an abusive situation and he wants different for her, but knows that people don’t leave situations like that easily. He watches her from a distance and leaves her things she may need, showing her a kindness he and his family hadn’t experienced in hopes she would see there was a way out. He also couldn’t rush right in and snatch her up, at the very beginning of the story, she is just about to turn 18.

The Caldwell brothers stories all touch on very realistic hardships that many people face every day. Chelsea and I wanted to write an inspirational, yet hot series, that showed that the good could in fact shine through the bad.
“Be the good.”  
Rad-Reader:  Let me say right here that you do have a writing partner Chelsea Camaron who has written all the books with you.  I just get confused doing one thing at a time so I had to pick one of you to
 interview and since your name was at the top tag your it but she gets total credit also. J

Rad-Reader:  Why abuse?  Was this an issue you wanted to bring to light from what is in the headlines more and more?  Or did it happen to someone you know?

M J:  Abuse happens every day. People who suffer from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse need to see there is a way out and that it is NOT their fault. The series didn’t spring from headlines but from the sincere desire Chelsea and I both have to help people, shed light in a darkness, or let readers know they are not alone. Chelsea and I have ‘lived’ it. We both have dealt with abuse in our lives, and have overcome and broke the cycle so many fall into. Everyone can, it’s not easy, not at all, but it can be done.

Rad-Reader:  Were you worried people would have an issue with the age difference implied between Totty and Jagger?  By the way how old is Jagger supposed to be?

M J:  NO! lol. We just wanted her to be the age of consent. LOTS of people seemed to have an issue with him calling her ‘Little One’ and ‘Good touch, bad touch’. We can’t respond to reviews. We won’t. Each reader brings their own ‘issues’, ‘feelings’, or ‘taboo’ subjects they can’t handle. Me, I have an issue with ‘Daddy’, lol. If a man says “call me Daddy” when he’s banging someone I am done, just done. Totty was 18 when they became sexual. Jagger is in his early 20’s. NOT A BIG AGE DIFFERENCE.
Let me explain little one. She is physically tiny compared to him, she is underweight due to her living conditions. She is little. That’s it, nothing creepy at all, lol.
Now let’s discuss good touch, bad touch. She was never away from her abuser, never. Jagger was trying his best to teach her things she was never exposed to, and not just sexually. He tried to hold back even when she gave him consent. He’s an alpha, not an asshole. There is a fine line at times, but he clearly tried to help her realize (like his brothers did with their ladies) that she was the only person who could make a permanent change in her life. A point all abused people need to grasp in order to become truly whole and accepting of love and good things in their lives.
Rad-Reader: That is exactly what I was figuring myself and wanted to see if I was correct.  I thought I read Jagger as the upstanding man that he was trying to be.  He was trying to be what his tattoo was meant to say for his mother. Yay!
Rad-Reader:  Why did Totty’s father bother keeping her?  He just kept beating her?

M J:  Abuse, be it sexual, emotional, or physical, is all about needing power and control. It is not typically a physical need or sexual desire. It is about a broken person who needs control and goes about it in the absolute most horrible way. Abusers groom their victims to believe they are less than deserving of normal lives or acts of kindness. They break them down. Even when an abuse victim realizes their abuser is wrong, they live with the shame, guilt, and belief they are not good enough to be treated any better. Jagger helped Totty see that.

Rad-Reader:  What was Johnny Law’s problem with Jagger anyway?  I thought he was friends with his brother Hendrix? 

M J:  Can’t give it all away, but he hates anyone who breaks the law and well, Jagger does break laws by making money the way he does. Johnny, is friends with Hendrix, and does have empathy for Totty and Jagger, but law is law.

Rad-Reader:  Jagger became obsessed with Totty.  Was it love once he knew she was just a girl so young trying to survive?  Or was it just a man worried who fell in love as time went on with a young naive woman?

M J:  Jagger’s ‘obsession’ with her starts when he sees how she is being treated. He lived that way most of his life. It hurt him to see her living that way too. He is compassionate.
 Once he saw her at the fight, he absolutely started falling in lust with her, she’s beautiful and after a fight, fighters are all sorts of hyped up. Then he wanted to protect her, and then, well… he had to have her. 

Rad-Reader:  When he did fall in love and everyone else saw it he was denying it because he didn’t want to look like a pervert?  Or because he wasn’t ready to admit it to himself?

M J:  He denied it to himself because his intention was to be strong for her, and help her. Jagger wanted to be his mother’s ‘Legacy’. All the brothers have a fear of being like their father, so yes he denied it while he could because he wanted her to stand strong on her own, protect her from … him, and guarded his heart too.  

Rad-Reader:  Cobra had made his own bed as far as his girlfriend was concerned.  We never see her go to Jagger like Cobra thought.  So what happened to her?

M J:  Cobra… he’s a mess. Missy, she’s a mess too. Jagger and her did have a ‘thing’ at one point. But as soon as she went back to Cobra, Jagger was done with her.

Rad-Reader:    Why was Cobra so nice to Totty?  Did he really think they could be together?  That she was really his redemption? 

M J:  There is a story behind why Cobra is the way he is.  Like seriously and it’s coming out September 20th, lol. Visibly Broken. Do you hate him? Well, you can’t pass judgement until you truly know him. (The book is dark, hot, and twisted, it’s a must read.)
Rad-Reader: Simple answer- YES! HAHAHA!

Rad-Reader:  Did Totty really think that they could be friends?  Knowing that Jagger hated him so badly and then knowing he killed her father?

M J:  Totty is a kind soul, had no social life… ever. So yes she wants to be his friend. She sees a different side of him from the moment she met him.  Cobra killed her tormentor, she will never hate him.

Rad-Reader:  Jagger’s sister-in-law was a social worker and she saw nothing inappropriate about the relationship between Totty & Jagger.  At least that was my take.   Why did he at first?

M J:  Awe, Livi! Love her. No, she knows Jagger and loves him. He’s family. She knows about abuse and now she knows about love of self, and love of a man. She knows Jagger wants Totty to be happy and she also knows he needs to accept that he deserves it too.

Rad-Reader:  When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

M J:  Never knew I wanted to, until I was. I mean I have always loved writing letters and stories. I’ve always had a great imagination. But had someone told me it’s what I would be doing with my life I would have laughed at them. But it is so much different writing what I want to write than being told what to write, lol.
Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…

Tatiana:  Emma Watson
Jagger:  Chad Hursty

M J:

Tatiana:  Isla Fisher
Jagger:  Scott Eastwood -
would work just fine. (Need to add Tat’s *wink* )

Rad-Reader:  What song out there today best describes your book?
"Happy" - Leona Lewis

M J:  Love your song choice. I guess I’ll pick...
"Safe and Sound" - Taylor Swift.

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?
(to be read)
M J:  Visibly Broken is my next release for Penguin Random House, with Chelsea Camaron, on September 20th.

My next Indie release is 27 Truths, available on July 31st.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find your books?

M J:  www.mjfieldsbook.com has all the links!

Rad-Reader:  Where can they find you on the Web?

M J:  My website is-  www.mjfieldsbooks.com it has all the information on where to find me <3

Thank you so much!!!

     It has been a pleasure to work with you.  I am so glad to be able to read your book but to be able to ask you these questions so that our reads as well as your reads can get some much needed info on abuse.  This is info that they may not feel comfort bringing into the home with a self-help book but reading in an interview or in your books being in this genre in just so nice for them I am sure.  It is hard when you are walking in the shoes as the one being abused to see the greater picture for yourself.  Jagger and Totty’s story is a good way to see there is hope if you can find that one person who is reaching out.
     Thanks again and now you too are stuck like glue as one of our 1 Rad-Reader Misfits. :)

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