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InD’Scribe Author Reader Conference 2016 From to Newbies point of view.

Author Reader Conference
2016 Can't thank this woman enough for her tireless efforts to put this event on.  TJ MacKay Publisher & Editor-in Chief
     I am sure you guessed already that I never got to my computer to blog.  We were in non-stop class during the day and parties at night.  In between there we got to eat when we could.  So here is a run-down of what our weekend was like and some fun pics.  Let me just say it was amazing.     I know I had promised to do a daily blog on my adventures at the InD’Scribe Author Reader Conference but we hit the ground running. It has been nonstop classes, meet and greets, friendship building, helpful hints and learning to admit how to own wanting to be a writer. Best part ever having authors here who are bestselling authors giving you encouragement and saying, “Go for it!  Here’s how we can help.  What can we do to get you over your fear to the next step?”  But mainly, “Just to own it.”     My dream became more real for me when I…