Guest Author: Here Friday 7 pm PST See Guest Schedule and. Joss Wood: Author of: The CEO’s Nanny Affair Excerpts Starting Tomorrow

Author: Here Friday
7 pm PST.
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Oct. 27 – Joss Wood
The CEO’s Nanny Affair

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Interview Schedule: Guest Authors: Every Friday 7 pm PST.

Nov. 3 – Leigh Lennon
Nov. 10 – Meredith Schorr
The Boyfriend Swap
Nov. 17 – Auden Dar
Nov. 24 – Sherile Reilly
Jamie’s Choice
Dec. 1 – Carmine Valentine
All Fired Up
Dec. 8 – Ava Catori
The Big Not So Small Curvy Girls Dating Agency
Dec. 15 – Marci Boudreaux
Old Café
Dec. 29 – Robyn Neeley
Falling For Mr. Right
Jan. 19 – Brenda Novak
Until You Loved Me
Jan. 26 – Priscilla Oliveras
His Perfect Partner

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