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WELCOME AUTHOR OF: Cupcakes and Cowboys – Lindzee Armstrong

WelcomeAuthor of:
Lindzee Armstrong

Rad-Reader:  Where did your inspiration for the book come from?
Lindzee:  I was invited to do a cowboy anthology with six other authors. When I agreed, I had zero idea what to write about! But I knew I wanted to set the book in Oklahoma. My dad’s from Tulsa, and I have many fond memories of visiting family in Oklahoma growing up. My aunt in uncle live in this adorable tiny town named Pawhuska about an hour outside of Tulsa. I thought it would be so fun to create a town reminiscent of that one. And voila, the town of Sunset Plains was born!

I also thought it would be great to have the guy be totally out of his element, and I decided an actor would fit the bill nicely. And the story sort of unfolded from there. 
Rad-Reader:  When Drew left Cassidy high and dry why couldn't anyone see how much pain she was in?
Lindzee:  :    I don’t think it was that no one could see her pain—it was that after a while, their patience waned. Cassidy was understandably hea…