MISSING                                                     NOELLE ADAMS
Posted: Oct. 11, 2013

Missing by Noelle  Adams Sex would never be enough...
Nathan Livingston has more in his life than he can handle--a high-powered job in D.C. politics, a sixteen-year-old daughter he's raising alone, and another daughter who ran away from him, whom he hasn't seen in two years.

He doesn't have anything left to invest in a real relationship. A night of hot sex with Lynn every three months is as much as he'll allow himself, and it doesn't matter that it never feels like enough.

Lynn shouldn't be involved with someone as high-profile as Nathan, since it could negatively affect her successful web magazine, but she just can't resist their nights together.

Then his complicated personal life catches up to their no-strings-attached affair, and they both find out everything they're missing.


Missing I guess you could say that you could say that there was something missing like two things in the beginning of this encounter.  One a relationship and two feelings.  For this was nothing more than just a booty call every three months for the first what year.  So, the “L” word at that time was out.

     They wanted no strings attached because of the careers that they both had in the public eye.  They would be in the spot light and that would not be good.  So every three months it was a booty call for the first what year and then it went to every month then they were noticing that they liked the same things when they actually spoke to each other when doing other thing then having great monkey sex. 

     One day she made the grave mistake of asking about his girls after asking about what was troubling him.  It was a downhill spiral after that.  They started having feelings for one another and thinking about one another.  Oh no not feelings!  Yes, that booty call turns into a real live what?  You will have to read to find out.  It was not a bad read but it was more of just erotic sex then a true love story if I must say.  When you skipped over the erotica there was a bit of good story there I just wish it had more meat.  I give it a 3-3 ½ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com


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