ROCKING HER CURVES                              AUBREY ROSE
Posted: Oct. 16, 2013

Rocking Her Curves by Aubrey Rose  What’s your temptation?

Asher just broke up with his long-distance girlfriend. When he meets Trixie, he's smitten by her curves – but she's the lead singer for the opening band: strictly off-limits.

Trixie can't help but be attracted to the tall, handsome skater who plays music with such passion. There's no way that he would be interested in someone who isn't a rail-thin model, would he? Anyway, she's heard that he has a girlfriend: strictly off-limits.

When their paths collide – literally – they're forced to look temptation in the face and ask themselves: What do I really want?


     Rocking Her Curves was a cute short romantic love story.  Asher is a tall lanky handsome hard rocker drummer from the Wilder Side band.  Trixie is also a hard rocker she is shorter way shorter, full figured with curves, nice curves.  At least that is the way Asher sees it, yet Trixie can’t seem to believe him.

     You see Trixie’s band, Cheap Trix, is the opening band for Asher’s band.  So they will be seeing each other so he heard.  He would really like to get with her now that he broke up with his girlfriend but there are a few problems with that.  One, she will not have anything to do with him because she heard he still had a girlfriend and two, he was told from a band mate that her and her band would be joining them on tour as their opening act.  Not to mention she has a self-image problem and doesn’t think any guy as cute as Asher could ever see anything in her.

     They have a lot in common one thing being their love of music and the other being state boarding.  But every time Asher tries to get close Trix backs way up, but she can’t help noticing that it makes her feel all too beautiful and way to hot.  Not to mention she sees that this kind of clumsy shy geeky guy is handsome as well as has some game.  When something happens to the schedule things take a turn. 

     I enjoyed this book it was very sweet how they both watched each other from afar.  Both though each other were hot but still saw the faults and wanted each other in spite of them.  They took on the positive and kept looking forward.  You get a HEA with this one.  This was part of the Rockstar Romance Box Set got it from

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