Rock & Roll Curves (A Big Girls & Bad Boys Erotic Romance)

ROCK & ROLL CURVES                              D. H. CAMERON
Posted: Oct. 16, 2013

Rock & Roll Curves by D.H. Cameron Darcy loves rock & roll. She even quit school to tend bar at a rock & roll club. Now her rock & roll dreams are coming true as Gage Tucker, lead singer of the break out band Dark Fire Love invites her to his suite after the show. What follows is a night of passion that Darcy could only imagine until then as Gage takes control, ties her up and pleasures her to her limits. But the next morning, Darcy wakes up alone without so much as a goodbye.

Despite fulfilling a fantasy, Darcy feels used and worse yet, she feels like Gage took advantage. She feels like he picked her because he thought she'd be desperate enough to give in to his torrid whims. Gage seemed to enjoy Darcy's curves but now she's not so sure. But when a driver appears at Darcy's door with a note from Gage asking her to join him in Vegas, Darcy has to decide what to do. Will Darcy stubbornly reject Gage's request or will she risk her pride to live out her rock & roll fantasies?

What happens when a curvy bartender gets tied up by a sexy rock star? Find out as a night of delicious passion becomes so much more. When Big Girls & Bad Boys get together, the results are always sexy, hot and satisfying.


Rock & Roll Curves is a very interesting story to say the least. I can’t say that this is the type of book I would want to read all the time and I know this is not the type of sexual torture I would like to call fun. To me it just seems sad, that is just me.
Why I am giving this a three star is because of the back story to this book. I like that feelings and emotions it gives to the story of Darcy and Gage. Gage is this new up and coming star on the rock and roll scene. They meet when he has come to play at the bar she is working at as a bartender. Darcy is a full figured lady and thinks that if he is going to notice anyone it will be her best friend Tiff. But when Gage sees her and wants her she finds it hard to believe and goes with him with a little talking from Tiff.
When they get to her car and are driving Gage is very clear on what he wants and it is not really dinner but it is her and in every position that they can think of. So, with little thought she says okay. After a night of some hard core bondage (at least for me it was) they eat, talk & sleep. She wakes up the next morning to find him gone. Now she is left with her feelings and not much more. What happens from here is what you get to find out.
I don’t know I was left feeling like this was just not me at all. The sex was way too intense for me, the emotions were worth it, but the outcome left me cold at the end. So, for me it was not one that I would continue with the series. Was part of the Rockstar Romance Box set provided by

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