Friday Oct. 18th Author M. Malone with be our SPECIAL GUEST 7:00pm PST

We are so excited to be having with us on


@ 7:00 p.m. PST

National bestselling Author

m. Malone

She Says, "I'm an unrepentant romantic, obsessed with happy endings and alpha heroes."

Series: The Alexanders

Teasing Trent

One more day

The things I do for you

He’s the man


                    Soon to be released:
                          All I need is you


I am beyond excited to have Ms.
Malone with us.  She is one of our favorite authors.  Her family sagas are ones that are feel goods that just capture you right at the beginning.  Her alpha males are sexy but not to over board just that happy mixture.  Come by and see what she has to say.  See you Friday.

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