Posted: Oct. 20, 2013
Tripped Up by Nicole Austin Karen James accepts and enjoys her generous curves but still lacks confidence when it comes to the opposite sex. She's perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up, fake cover models her partner photographs. But real men, like the handsome SEAL her best friend tasked her with babysitting, put her on shaky ground. He ramps up her snarky attitude and keeps her body humming with a constant arousal that won't be sated.

Garrett "Trip" Trippington is the easiest going, most laid back, steady member of Team Arapahoe. Nothing ruffles his feathers or causes him to falter; not even being shot while on a mission. All that changes the moment he first sees Karen, a curvy vision of feminine perfection with a razor-sharp tongue. He's tripped up, falling hard, and experiencing feelings that make his head spin. For the first time, his duties as a SEAL seem an easier mission.


Tripped Up (SEALs On Fire #8) What can you say bad about a Navy SEAL Cowboy? Nothing. But what I can say is this is a short but sweet story but mainly about guess what you surely won’t guess. SEX! Gasp! I have loved most of the other SEAL books that you all had. Really strong back stories to go with them, sizzle too but this was not bad... I love the whole insecure full figure girl storyline. That is great and how he likes everything about her but comes on just a little rushed don’t you think. Even for a cowboy who we all know like to do it nice and slow…
Trips is a nice guy and all, but really this girl is at work and she is going to be self-pleasuring herself when her apartment is just out the back door, really? So, anyone can walk in? Oh guess who, Trip walks in. This is just so out of the crazies it just did not ring anywhere near believable so it made it hard to get into. Now that is really wrong because I like BBW’s stories, Cowboys & SEALs.

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