Be Mine For Christmas

Posted: Nov. 13, 2013

Be Mine For Christmas by Alicia Street  Single mom Ellie is lonely and struggling to find a job. She takes her little boy to a Christmas tree farm to see Santa and runs head on into a blue-eyed Viking with a winsome smile.

Reece opened his Christmas tree farm after the accident that nearly took his life. But it left him with the vision of a woman who would heal his heart.

A 13,000 word short story/novelette.


  HEA at Christmas is just what the doctor ordered. What a fun Christmas short this is. A single mother struggling to raise her son who wants what every child wants at Christmas starting with a Christmas tree. Not having the money & not liking her answer, her son runs off. As she goes looking for him she runs right into her most sexy future. For him she is his Christmas angel. A fun read & was free on amazon when I got it.

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