BAGHERIA                                                 DARCIA MARAINI
Posted: Dec. 23, 2013

Bagheria by Dacia Maraini  In Bagheria, Dacia Maraini revisits the landscape of early memory. She describes Sicily in sensuous detail, the town of Bagheria, and the ancestral villa to which she returned as a child after two horrific years of imprisonment with her family in a Japanese concentration camp. The Villa Valguarnera and Maraini recalls the spiritual struggles and her rebellion against the elitism of her class. She also discusses her experience of child abuse. Bagheria is also a tale of corruption: centuries of the town's past unfold alongside Maraini's family history as she details the involvement of the Mafia in the architectural decimation of Bagheria in the 1970s


This is a story about a women who is remembering about her family’s life when they have returned from Japan after WW2. They arrive back in Sicily and notice how much has changed in the years that she has been gone. First from the village then to the place she calls home Bagheria. How once there were so many fig and olive trees. To now only a few have survived from the war like so many people of the village. Throughout this story she is always remembering the past. Either people or the way her home once look and smelled. Not just from the plants around but also from the cooking, always something being cooked and you could smell it know matter where you were at. An interesting story of people and a way of life that I am sure the author was trying to get us to see what her life might have been if there was not a war. A good book.

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