Talkin’ Sports

My Husband thinks he has died and gone to heaven.  Why you ask?

Well, he gets to have not only his own page to talk about books on sports (& talk all sports.)

When you ask?

Starting this Thursday @ 7:30-8:00 ish

Guys & gals can talk sports.  Books, movies, newspapers, Twitter, blogs, Pro ball, college, Little League, or Pee Wee.  As long as it is sports you can talk about it.

That means: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Hockey, & NASCAR. 

We hope to do interviews in the near future but that will come with time.  We hope you will join him and talk, talk and talk some more about sports.

Most of all if you have a good to great sports book he should read and review or you would like to share with him on that night please make sure you have all the info ready to share with everyone.

Thanks for stopping by & Pat can’t wait to talk with you.

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