LUSH CURVES                                          DELILAH FAWKES
Posted:  Jan. 16, 2014

Lush Curves by Delilah Fawkes  A new series from the best-selling author of THE BILLIONAIRE'S BECK AND CALL!
Aolani Kahale has always had big dreams, putting everything on the line when she moved from Hawaii to the mainland in hopes of opening her own photography studio.

When the firm she works for takes on a photo shoot for a mysterious Scotsman's yacht company, she hopes she'll get the big break she needs. However, CEO Gavin Fletcher doesn't want her behind the camera. He wants her to be his new model--the face and body of his "Live Beautifully" campaign.

Aolani's always been shy about her curves, but the job offer is one she can't resist, including travel through the Carribean on Gavin's private yacht. When sparks fly between them, they both struggle to remain professional, but traveling in tight quarters makes it all but impossible.

What Aolani doesn't know is that Gavin Fletcher has a dark secret; a vow he made long ago to never love again after his girlfriend, Fiona, drowned on the night he'd planned on proposing.

One passionate affair, one incredible journey, and two hearts yearning for one another... Lush Curves is a series you won't soon forget from best-selling romance author, Delilah Fawkes.


     Aolani Kahale starts out as photographer’s assistant when this story begins which is basically a gopher and boorishly his person to scream at all day long.  On this day she happens to spill coffee not only all over the hardwood floors but her white blouse and down her bra.  As she is on her hands and knees thinking she is not in a good position to clean while in skirt she hears a male clear his throat.

     Thinking it will be her crazy boss she looks over her shoulder to find the most handsome, sexy as hell and so out of her league man she has ever seen.  Yet, there was hint of a smirk on his face, his hazel eyes were checking out her ass that was pointing straight up in the air, it wasn’t really a bad thing either.  It was like a caress, with the stubble on his jaw that she would like to rub up and his chestnut hair she would like to put her hands in, as well as have those strong arms to hold her and make her feel safe…

She had lost her mind.  She gets up and ask if she can help him he says no he just wanted to introduce himself since he would be on the set a lot, his name Gavin Fletcher.  CEO and Co-Owner of the company of the yacht company that the shoot was for.  Okay, now she was officially freaked out.

     As Gavin held Aolani’s hand as well as holding while they spoke he had all kinds of lustful thoughts about her as well as she did about him.  At the same time without saying anything to each other there was current of electricity that ran through them when their hands touched.  Aoloni removes her hand before he drops it, but realizes her breathing is more labored and she is antsy.  His eyes could not get enough of her and seeing that her blouse was now transparent due to the coffee he was having a feast.  Making his body react.  Aolani was told by the photographer Gavin was staying the night and for her to arrange the hotel and secure all the plans for tomorrows shoot.  She does arrive the next day feeling that the day was already off and it was.  She steps on the deck and the model for the shoot is crying.  Figuring it is the photographer with the bad attitude that made her cry by yelling at her only to find out she was let go, not being what the owner was looking for.  When she finds the CEO and the photographer having words behind her now.  Once Gavin sets him straight letting him know he is the owner that the vision has changed he ask Aolani if she would be their new vision of beauty for the campaign.

     She freaks at first thinking doesn’t he knows I am not a size 2 but a 12?  Then after much talking and thought she agrees.  Her life changes in a blink of an eye.  For the better?  That is to be seen.  Gavin has secrets, lust, and eyes for Aolani but will secrets Catch up to him and effect the eyes he has for her and is it just he feels of is that all it is just lust he feels of is that all he will allow himself to feel?

     Okay, this starts out well you see the whole plus size angle and what Aolani has to overcome on the mainland from Hawaii.  Self-image is different there.  Before at page 67 I realize there is a whole lot of sex, sex, and more sex.  Gavin’s secret is kinda revealed but in a half truth.  Aolani is a madly in lust and on the way to love that she will to get to his emotional sexual rollercoaster with Gavin.  When you can read around all the sex there’s a real heart felt story. 

     The thing is it isn’t until about page 75 it seems that it becomes a real story and not just an erotica.  I just wish it author did not have to sell themselves short and use all the sex to write a good romance.  It should have been headed under erotica not a romance though for those that are looking for romance only.  I know that more and more romance has erotica in it but this was over the top even for that.  Which is okay if that is what you are looking for, I was looking for a BBW love story.  Provided by

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