COME POUR THE WINE                         CYNTHIA FREEMAN
Posted:  Feb. 11, 2014

Come Pour the Wine by Cynthia Freeman  New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Freeman’s powerful tale of a woman in search of her sacred heritage, who must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice for love 

Nineteen-year-old Janet Stevens leaves Wichita, Kansas, for New York—and a glamorous career as a model. Manhattan in the 1950s is a heady place for a sheltered Midwesterner. A new friend helps her discover her forefathers’ faith, but from the moment she sees Bill McNeil at a party, Janet senses she’s found her future. When they marry, she believes she’s finally gotten what she always wanted—not fame or fortune, but the love that will fulfill and sustain her as nothing else ever could.

From the passionate throes of youth to the stings and shocks of middle age, Come Pour the Wine draws a brilliant portrait of a marriage and a family in search of its roots, written with Cynthia Freeman’s trademark insight and compassion.

This story is about a young girl who leaves Kansas, and goes to Manhattan to try to become a fashion model. In the very beginning of the story she is befriended by a Jewish lady in the garment district and they become friends while she also is becoming a model. After a while her friends are selling there store and moving to Florida. She is sad over this and some of her model friends take her to a few parties. At one of these parties she meets a man by the name of Bill McNeil. They get married and after a few months he does not want her working as a model. She becomes pregnant and they have a boy and shortly thereafter they move to the country where Bill is taking the train into the city and after a couple of years they have a daughter. Everything is going along until the son is in high school and the daughter in Jr. High and Bill wants to move back to the city. He wants to move now not wait until the kids are out of school. Then he announces he wants a divorce. He leaves that night. A few weeks go by and they set a meeting and he tells her he does not want to be married, just that. He does not to be married but he does love her and the kids. From there the story is about how they the two children and the mother pick up and move on with their lives. Some of the disagreements you have as a family and the happy times like marriage and birth of a grandchild. The father is around but for the most part seems lonely to me but that is what he wanted. The mom picks up her live and with a friend opens a business and finds out about her past about being Jewish from her father’s grandfather. She also meets a nice man who is a doctor and that plays out as well. This all takes place with sitting on a lounge chair looking back over her life. I won’t tell you how it ends but I thought this was a very good book about family, life, and love. I got this book from net galley.

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