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50th Anniversary Feb. 25, 1964
Clay beats Sonny Liston
1.) Tuesday was the 50th Anniversary of the Cassius Clay – Sonny Liston fight – Ali Won in an upset and really changed the sport – Liston could not answer the bell for the start of the 7th round.  First time Ali said, “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”  Clay was 22.  Though I don’t remember this fight I remember most of his other fights and his weigh ins were at times just as entertaining.  But he did a lot for the sport.

2.)  Manager-Buck Showalter makes a minor leaguer write a report on Frank Robinson.  When Mr. Robinson came to address the team at which included minor league players a 19 year old said, “I know he is famous what did he do?”  Showalter’s basically said write a one page report.  The young player didn’t know all of his achievement’s that Frank Robinson made which were, 4 World Series appearances, MVP award in both American & National League Triple Crown winner First African American Baseball Manager.  Are just to name a few.

3.)  In College Basketball Wichita State is
They are the first team since UNLV team 1990-91
Which started 34-0 and they are the 6th team to be 30-0 after reaching the final 4.  The previous 5 made the final four as well.  Can they do it again?

We will have to wait and see.

We will be opening up the floor to you. What do you want to talk about in the world of sports tonight?


  1. Lebron James back from broken nose has 31 points in a blow out of the slumping K nicks who are so bad they don't even have a first round pick this year.

  2. in college basketball Penn ST UPSET Ohio St 65-63. Arkansas beat Kentucky in Kentucky 71-67.

  3. on wed the Angels and Mike Trout agreed on a one year 1 million dollar contract. this is the highest amount for a player who is not yet eligible for arbitration.

  4. Well talk to everyone next week. sorry for last week.


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