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Talkin’ Sports
With Pat

Feb. 6, 2014

The Seahawks ran all over the Broncos.  They made them look old and slow.  It seemed like there were more people there rooting for Seattle than for Denver.  Because the noise really gave Denver problems.

Halftime by Bruno Mars was the Bomb!  The Red Hot Chili Peppers Sucked.  They did not sound good our look professional at all.  I even like some of their songs so no whining about me not liking them.

The Olympics start tonight and I have heard some problems with some of the venues still one for sure was the snowboarding.  Shawn White broke his wrist and a top snowboarder from Finland broke his collarbone.  So, they have to change the run.  Also, they say there is a problem with the water like you can’t drink it.  It is yellow.  I heard this from a sports reporter from Yahoo.  51 billion for what?

Spring training is just around the corner between 8 to 12 days so baseball season will be starting up again.

March Madness is only 3 weeks away from looking forward to that, for there are always surprises in the tournament.


  1. Ralph Kiner passed away today he was a Hall of Fame baseball player who hit 369 home runs and drove in 1,105 runs playing for the Pirates, Cubs and Indians from 46 to 55. He was a 7x home run champ, 6x all-star and a NLRB CHAP in 49. he was one of the original announcers for the Mets when they started. His # 4 is retired in Pittsburgh. He also was a Navy Pilot during world war II.

  2. Bye, hope to talk sport"s with you next week.


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