CAN'T SHAKE YOU                                  MOLLY MC LAIN
Posted:  Mar. 3, 2014

Can't Shake You by Molly McLain  Lovers to friends to lovers…could it get any more complicated?

One thing Carissa Brandt knows: spontaneity always get her in trouble. Still, she’s gone and jumped head first into an impulsive summer renovation project with her fingers crossed. When her contractor turns out to be a cheat, it seems her only lifeline is the proffered hand of Josh Hudson—the sexy Marine who left her aching for more than their single night together three years ago. 

Josh has two hard and fast rules: never mix business with pleasure and don’t look twice at women his friends have dated, much less loved. It makes life in a small town simple—or it would, if he wasn’t harboring a secret with the potential to destroy his good name and the reputation of a woman he can’t get out of his head. 
When Carissa finds herself in a bind, Josh’s integrity—both personal and professional—won’t let her fail. Will working together finally extinguish the attraction lingering between them? Or will the smoldering embers of their passionate rendezvous ignite all over again and set aflame the friendships they cherish the most?
Warning: This book contains a hella-sexy, inked up hero, a spunky heroine who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, smokin’ hot sex, and enough swearing to make your momma blush. For readers 18+.

       This story revolves around Carissa Brandt and Josh Hudson to people who Three years ago went to dinner and drinks with Dan (Josh’s Brother) and Maddie (Dan’s Fiancé and Carissa’s friend) and were ditched during after dinner drinks.  There were sparking chemistry between this Marine and the new comer to River Bend, Nebraska from the minute they both walked in the door.
     Carissa really didn’t want to go to Maddie’s and hear her and Dan getting their groove on so she thought out loud and Josh responded.  Josh being the nice horny guy he is tells her she can stay on his couch or bed, with a devilish smirk and Carissa jumps on it and him.  At some point Josh deploys for two tours never giving any indication that he would want a relationship or more so she ask for him to keep it their secret. 
     When he returns she is with one of his best friends.  He’s not happy but what can he say, “Hey Fletch, I jumped you gal bones before you did.”  I think not.  So, he’s kept the secret even though it killed him, dreaming about her daily and Carissa about him too.  They were both wanting each other and both not happy but not wanting to be the first to call “UNCLE!”
     When the contractor that Carissa hires turns out to be a fraud and Josh comes to the rescue things take a huge change.  You wouldn’t want to miss it…

     I totally enjoyed this story.  There was not only a romance going on but a mystery suspense going on at the same time it turned out to be who I thought  from the start.  It did make me start questioning myself thinking it could be one of the key supporting characters.   I totally enjoyed the bond and pull Josh and Carissa had on each other.  What just tugged at me was the talk between Josh and his Dad.  You won’t want to miss it, I know you will enjoy it and this book too.

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