Curvy Women: How many of us do this?

Curvy Women
How many of us do this?
There is this book I was reading and it had a character that was a BBW and she was aware of the dichotomy of her life and the way she set herself up for failure.
Do you do this to yourself?
On one hand, she accepted her size, on the other hand, she sometimes felt lonely and wondered if her weight was holding her back.  Since she took the weekend shifts as well as the night shifts because it didn't interfere with her social life.
Now don’t be shocked but she would wake up with these amazing orgasms.
The thing was her thrilling dreams and the reality never put her in a position to make her dreams come true.  Now she was left with a horniness that she would never be able to satisfy. 
This is just one stand out example of some of the things we tell ourselves to put our lives on hold or not to have one at all. 
We are worth so much more, at any size.
She would rather have no man than being outed as a fat girl or a lonely girl in public.
  There is a man for all of us and believe me men are not the dogs or the saints or picky guys that they come across as in front of their friends half of the time. The ones that show off are the ones that you need to walk away from in the first place. 

The ones you want are the ones that want you, at no matter what size, shape, color, boobs, no boobs, ass or no ass.  Because you know what guys we girls are looking too and we know that it is not always the body we fall in love with. Yes, it is nice if it's there, we are not going to lie.  We want to give you a great body if we can but if we can’t you get what God has given us and we refuse to make excuses for our bodies any longer.
 Food is not our enemy stinking thinking is our enemy and all the haters that judge us if we don’t look like the supermodels that have been airbrushed beyond the models that have actually posed for the photo, to begin with, so be it.  So ladies, embrace your curves and look at yourself in the mirror and remember there is only you looking back and the real you has to like you or no one else will, so embrace you the real you.  At whatever size you are today and let tomorrow come and start again being the best you can be.

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