LONG KNIVES                                            CHARLES ROSENBERG
Posted:  March 13, 2014

Jenna James’s life has been smooth sailing since she left the high-powered law firm of Marbury Marfan. She’s happily ensconced as a professor at a prestigious law school, where she’s well liked by her students, coupled-up with a handsome colleague, and on track for tenure. But things take a shocking turn one morning when a student, Primo, comes to Jenna’s office seeking her advice about a treasure map he recently inherited. When Primo turns up dead and Jenna is suddenly the prime suspect in a murder investigation, everyone turns on her. Desperate for help, she calls on two old friends: Robert Tarza, her old law partner from Marbury Marfan, and Oscar Quesana, an odd-duck solo practitioner. The three race to save Jenna’s career—and perhaps her life—in this whip-smart thriller of treasure maps, murder, and law school politics.

For me this was a difficult book to get into. I have trouble with stories that have treasure maps of old pirate ships under the sea. Though I know a few have been found. This story starts with a student in college bringing a map to his professor who used to be a lawyer and specialized in maritime law. From the meeting to the end of the story she is now running trying not to be the next person to die from this map, while still wanting to make tenure. The story does have a lot of action and for the most part is fast paced. Just for me parts of it I could not see happening. A well written book, and you do get back ground information on the characters. I got this book from net galley.

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