MISAPPROPRIATE                                    KATHRYN KELLY
Posted:  April 8, 2014

Megan Foy is finally getting the big wedding she's dreamed of. With her new child and the affection of the brothers of the Death Dwellers' MC, her life is settling down. However, a new threat rides into town and targets Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell, forcing him to reevaluate his life once more and endangering everyone. Most of all, it threatens Meggie's new-found peace.

I have to tell you I totally enjoyed this book.  But, it is a biker book through and through.  So you have to know that right off the bat.  Now that we got that squared away, Christopher is much older and never thought he could love or be loved.  Then he finds Meggie and a love story begins.
     If you don’t like erotica this book won’t be for you because it has them burning up the sheets and then some, and “Oh Dear Lord!”  You are fanning yourself like a woman who needs her hormone shot.  The faster you fan the hotter the flame that can’t seem to be put out between Christopher and Megan or Meggie to him, which makes you ignite too.
     If reading and the use of foul language with a great deal of innuendoes makes you blush, this is not the book for you.  Because these seasoned bikers can make a Marine take notice and blush too, now that’s something.  By the way there is a few beatings, stabbings, a beheading, and murders thrown in for good measure.  So, not for lightweights.  I have to say not overly graphic and not a lot of it happening.
    But, if humor, friendship, a sick type of loyalty and love between this couple is something you might enjoy.  This is your book.  Meggie and Chris are two people really in love even if they are in a bubble most of the time and when out of it and reality is in view it is not pretty.
     This is the story of Megan Foy Caldwell who was the daughter to her husband’s mentor.  He now has the job her dad held.  Chris holds as Prez of the Death Dwellers MC.  His name is Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell whose mother Patricia was gunned down by Megan’s brother a year ago.  Not sure why never says, also never says why her father is dead too.  Eludes to these three people throughout the book but no real background given. 
     Meggie is 19 years old and has a son by Chris, CJ (Christopher Joseph Foy Caldwell) who is 6 months old.  It only says Chris is much older never says how much older.  These two love each other so intensely that you know it borders on obsession.  He seems obsessed because he kept referring to Megan being Kidnapped and stabbed and in her past being beaten by her stepfather.  It also refers to her father being killed but never says how so will need to read that one eventually to get the complete picture.
     Author has a way of telling a story that draws you in without you feeling trapped or gripped.  You just feel like man I want to finish this now I feel addicted.  With humor, that takes a situation that is totally nightmare worthy and with her confidence she writes in a form that gives you a picture in your head and you know it is worthy of your time.  The Conflict for me that I still worry about is Johnnie who is in love with Megan.  Saw her first, but she was in love with Chris.

5 stars a total biker dude book.  Prided by Author for an honest review.    

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