SMOKIN' HOT                                            LYNN LAFLEUR
Posted:  April 22, 2014

Smokin' Hot by Lynn LaFleurSinge
After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Julia Woods is ready to start fresh in a new town, a new state. She doesn't want to get involved with another man, and especially not with an adrenalin junkie.
The instant attraction she feels when she meets Stephen McGettis frightens her. She's never experienced something so strong, yet she worries about starting a relationship with him. With his motorcycle racing, whitewater rafting, and skydiving, he's as much of an adrenalin junkie as her former lover.
Stephen loves Julia and doesn't want to lose her because of her concern over what she considers his dangerous pastimes. He has to prove to her he's not a daredevil, and that love is the greatest adventure of all.

In town to visit her grandmother in the hospital, Rayna Holt never expected to run into her ex-husband, Marcus. Seeing him reminds her of all the pain and loss she'd experienced five years ago that led to their divorce.
Marcus is still angry and hurt over Rayna destroying their marriage. They're forced to spend time together while the construction company he works for repairs her grandmother's house due to a fire. Old desires smolder beneath the surface, but Marcus is leery of giving in to them. Rayna broke his heart when she left him. He can't live through that kind of pain again.
Both Rayna and Marcus have to let go of the past before they can forgive each other and fall in love again.

Talia King has loved Dylan Westfield ever since the day she met him two years ago, but he treats her as nothing but a friend. Every attempt she's made to date him or spend more time with him has been shot down by Dylan.
Dylan loves Talia as much as she loves him, but his painful past won't let him surrender to that love. Fear of physically hurting her keeps him alone and aching for a life with her…a life he knows he cannot have.
A night of passion convinces Talia that she and Dylan are perfect together. Dylan admits his love to Talia, but tells her it doesn't matter since they can never be together.
Talia hatches a plan to convince Dylan that she knows he would never hurt her. It might backfire, but she believes it's worth the risk to be with the man she loves.

      Julia Woods had been in a relationship with her ex Cody in California who was a Firefighter and an “adrenaline junkie.”  There was one final day to their relationship that marked the end and caused her to move to Lanville, Texas.  She moves in with her mom’s college friend Dolly. 
     Even though Julia was a firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service she really worked as a researcher, and a firefighter as needed.  When she moves with Dolly she’s told she can work in Dolly’s bar but with her sexy body that’s not what she wants for herself.  With jobs hard to find she gets a housekeeping job at a B & B.  You see she was caught up in one of her ex’s rushes and was injured to the point where she could not work as a firefighter and it might not be for a long while if ever.
     What’s funny on her trip to Dolly’s she runs into four sexy as all get out guys at a fast food restaurant.  One extremely.  That one happens to not only live in Lanville too but is at Dolly’s the next morning when she wakes up, Stephen McGettis.  You see he is a roofer and Dolly needs her roof done and Stephen and Dusty his cousin will be doing it.  She finds out that he is a volunteer firefighter and it seems like he too could like the adrenaline rush.
     From that first meeting this book moves fast.  So does this relationship, a little too fast, really.  LOL J  Cute story, all sex, so, if sex is not what your game, step away from this book. J  I give this a 4 star for cute story and a 3 star for a too fast in the sack.
     Marcus Holt was a pained man and a volunteer firefighter.  You see five years ago on 4th of July a devastating tragedy stole everything from him.  This event then caused his wife to just walk away from him and their marriage and never look back.  Leaving him with the mess of the home and all the pain to suffer through all alone.
     So, he lived his life in Lanville, Texas where he grew up trying to live as best he can.  It’s not easy with the love of his life Rayna Holt, his ex-wife living in San Francisco.  He took his vows very serious because he meant with his whole heart.  Most of all he loved Rayna since he was 15, so her leaving him killed him and still is very slowly.
     When Rayna’s grandmother, Grace, has a heart problem she is forced for the first time in all the five years to fly back to Lanville.  A place where she said she would never ever set foot in again.  The same night she arrives at the hospital, the new housing track where Rayna just bought and moved her grandma into breaks out into a fire from a fire in a field nearby.  Several homes were lost, some were damaged a great deal and some like Grace’s were a lot less damaged but still not able to move back into for at least a month or so.  She’s told to hire Coleman’s Construction that they are the most honest and the best.  So the next morning she heads over to make an appointment.
     The foreman for Coleman’s is no other than Marcus Holt.  Rayna’s and Marcus life takes an unusual turn of events from here on out.  Ones that are as hot as a fire but so sexually charged they could light up all of New York City will all the energy being set off in each kiss, touch, and look.
     Enjoyed this but felt like it was wrapped up just a little too neatly and fast.  Could understand the falling into bed but not the sexual hostage vs. emotional hostage, now I’ll take you back?  For that I will have to give it 3 stars. L
     Dylan Westfield and Talia King are Volunteer firefighters for the Lanville, Texas Fire Dept.  They both posed for the fundraising calendar also.  Before that they had eyes only for each other.
     Dylan as much as he wanted and really loved everything about Talia due to his background really felt he could not subject her to his kind of love.  So, for the two years they’ve known each other he has painfully lusted over her from afar.
     Talia on the other hand, from day one, fell madly and crazily in love with Dylan.  Was beginning to see though that she was going to only be just one of the “guys” a “friend” and nothing more to Dylan.  She really needed to wake up and smell the roses.  It was time she stopped crushing and started giving other guys who asked her out a real chance.  Once she does it breaks her heart to the point of tears.  Dylan sees since she reaches out to another guy friend for a hug and Dylan sees red. 
     Dylan tries to hunt down whose hurt her, while he spins his wheels looking for himself, Talia looks to her friends to help her forget him.  Can they help her?  Does he figure out he is looking for himself?  You’ll have to read and find out.  I give this story a 5 stars. J
Overall Smokin’ Hot gets 4 stars

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