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Posted:  April 10, 2014                   

Stories in Uniform: A Look at the Heroics, Sacrifices, and Triumphs of our Soldiers  Stories in Uniform is a chronological retrospective of the best military pieces Reader's Digest has run; pieces that will make you weep, make your heart sing, inspire you, enrage you, and make you laugh. Beginning in World War I and continuing though to the war in Iraq, readers will follow soldiers into the trenches, peer in on emergency surgery taking place in the depths of the ocean, watch heroes carry the bodies of fallen brethren, trail Eisenhower for the three days leading up to  D-Day, and be inspired as men and women rise above and beyond normal human limits to preserve our rights and save  their friends.
Stories include:
• A moving memorial to D-Day
• A tribute to one of the first African-Americans to serve as a Naval Officer
• A pilot rescued after his F-16 is shot down
• A soldier returns to the front after losing his foot in action
• An American soldier who takes a big risk to save a dying Afghan girl
This book gives a complete perspective on the hell that is war, the love that grows from camaraderie, the pride from accomplishing the impossible, the humor that springs from the military bureaucracy, and more.


This book remembers the forgotten stories or the stories we have never heard about. The first story is about Eddie Rickenbacker, who most people either don’t know or don’t remember. A World War ace and after the war. Became a race car driver an owner and lived by a code that when his business failed he paid everyone back including the people who worked for him. Started over and was successful in his next business. The stories follow not only Generals like Eisenhower, before D-day, but also the men and also the women who have fought for our Country. There are stories all the way up to the current war and it gives the reader a true look at the brave men and women that serve. A very good book. I got this book from net galley.

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