VIGILANTE SEASON                             PETER KIRBY
Posted:  April 10, 2014

Vigilante Season  Inspector Luc Vanier is back, and Montreal's Hochelaga district is in the throes of gentrification. Its drug dealers and prostitutes are disappearing, and Vanier, investigating the brutal death of one, suspects the neighbourhood cleanup may involve murdering the unwanted. The local Police Commander sees only declining crime rates and his improving career prospects, and is willing to go easy on a local militia group that’s expanding its influence. When Vanier is suspended for brutality, he’s on his own. He continues to probe the dark side of progress, while struggling to help his son, just back from Afghanistan and crippled by PTSD. As the threats against him mount, Vanier fights to prove his innocence and discover who really controls the streets. Have the government and police stepped back to allow the militia to impose order? Is the militia the price of order when governments run out of money?

A story about two police officers. One Inspector Luc Vanier and his partner Sgt. Sylvie Saint- James. They are called out for a murder that was discovered during a car accident. They cannot find the people driving one of the cars, which the body was actually in and was already in a body bag. The next day sends them on trails of drug dealers, a so called local citizens group that is actually hindering their investigation. To the point where both of them are finally suspended and are looking like they are going to be fired. The ones that come to their defense are a surprise and this book had a few surprises as well. A good story and I liked the fact that it was not drawn out. Made for a fast read. I got this book from net galley.

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