Interview with LISA EUGENE Today: Author of SURRENDER MY LOVE

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Lisa Eugene


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Rad-Reader: What do you think really captured Brad’s attention and made him really take notice of Chloe?

Lisa: He fell hard for Chloe because she wasn’t like every woman who fell at his feet. She was defiant and stood up to him.  He appreciates a strong-willed woman.

Rad-Reader:  Right off the bat he takes Chloe at the night club in a heady erotic love scene but makes sure to tell her in his office the erotic scene before in his office that, “I don’t do relationships.” Why?

Lisa: Brad is a man who is used to clingy women. He is focused on his career and does not have time or any inclination to be in a relationship other than sexual. He wants a woman to know that up front. He does not lack for sexual partners.

Rad-Reader: What do you think each of them was most afraid of when getting involved in this sexual relationship but trying to avoid the emotional relationship?

Lisa: I think Chloe was afraid of eventually getting hurt. She was hurt badly in the past and now refuses to surrender her heart. Brad is afraid of being rejected. It’s never happened to him before. Now he meets an independent woman who doesn’t seem to need him.

Rad-Reader: Do you think they really both fell in love that first day in his office and the rest was just a crazy, fast erotic courtship?

Lisa: I think they fell in love when he was helping her care for her mother. I think before that they just had a strong chemistry.

Rad-Reader: The comic relief of Bea and Larry was just so much fun and so needed at times in this story. Will they have their own story?

Lisa: A lot of people have asked me that….lol. I really like those two. I’m not sure there’s a story there though.  I do see them having a HEA. If there’s a story, it will come to me. The story lines pop into my head and then I write them. It’s not something I premeditate. I can’t even write with an outline because I have no idea what will happen next. Sometimes the ending is as a surprise to me as it is my readers.

Rad-Reader: Her brother Richard was such a tool/piece of work will something become of his character like his own story?

Lisa: I can see him coming back as a secondary character. Not his own story though.

Rad-Reader: How about his new “Germ-a-phobic” nurse, Maggie, she seemed interesting. and her husband was or is a Navy SEAL. Will we see something about her?

Lisa:  Yes. Maggie and Gabe (my favorite couple so far) They have their own story in my book Steal My Heart. Maggie is a total germaphobe and Gabe is an ex-Navy SEAL who is haunted by his past. I love this story because there it allowed me to incorporate a great deal of humor in the story. 

Rad-Reader: If your book was to be made into a movie who would you want to play:

Chloe:  Anne Hathaway

Brad:  Henry Cavil

Bea:  Vivica Fox

Larry:  Hugh Grant

Rad-Reader:  I loved how you showed so many sides to Brad. Was it hard to give his character such balance? At the beginning harsh, then erotic & fearful with Chloe, soft with Rose, anger with Richard, etc…

Lisa: Yes. He is the only character I’ve had to rewrite because he was such an asshole. My editor told me no one would like him. Believe it or not, I softened him up a bit. He was a very intricate character. Very typical of a cardiac surgeon….lol

Rad-Reader: What song do you think of as a theme song for your book if you had to pick one?

Lisa: Hmmmm…this is an oldie but goodie. 
Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. 
No matter how much Brad and Chloe tried to resist the attraction, they could not deny it. 

Rad-Reader: Give us 3 words that describe:

Chloe: Shy, determine, passionate
Brad: Egotistical, protective, tender

Rad-Reader: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Lisa: Yes. Since I was a child I’ve written poetry and short stories. Life just got in the way of my dreams…lol.

Rad-Reader: What have your friends and family thought about your writing experience?

Lisa: They are very supportive because it has been a dream for a long time.

Rad-Reader: What is your favorite genre to write?

Lisa: Romantic suspense, erotica, although I’d like to try paranormal or YA.

Rad-Reader: What is your favorite genre to read?

Lisa:  Historical, Paranormal

Rad-Reader: What are you working on now?

Lisa: I will be releasing my new book, Wrapped in Shadows sometime this Spring. It’s an erotic romantic suspense novel. It’s got a wonderful story line and really speaks to the heart. It shows how every decision we make has the potential to drastically change our future. 

Rad-Reader: Where do you want to take your writing from here?

Lisa: I’d like to try writing a different genre.

Rad-Reader: How can our readers get in touch with you?

Lisa: My web site should be up and running by the end of this month, but until then email me at:
 I always respond to emails.  I love hearing from readers. Or
PM me on FB at:  


The story revolves around a hospital and all its happenings.  Which there are a lot normally but this is a lot more than usual.  There is deaths, maybe a murder, love sex, the lovelorn, the horny, oh yeah ill people and people getting well. 
     Most of all this story revolves around Chloe Bennett a 26 year old naive yet wise old soul who is a nurse who works nights and any other extra shifts she can get to support her mother, brother and herself.  You see her mother was severely handicapped in a car accident which caused her to be mentally challenged.  So, she has in house care as much as she can for her.  Yet, she never ask for help except for her no good brother Richard who is into drugs.
     None of her friends at the hospital even know that she had a fiancĂ© before she started working at the hospital.  She had dated him for three years and they got engaged and then the day of the wedding she was left at the alter he said he just didn’t love her and couldn’t go through with it.  Then, he just upped and moved away out of state.  She was left to tell everyone return all the gifts and everything.  She was humiliated and felt less than nothing.  Richard every chance he got told her she was revolting and worthless.
     Which just killed her because at 8 her father passed away and their mother went into a deep depression and Chloe had to take care of everything washing, cleaning, cooking and balancing the checkbook the best she could she took care of Richard. Once he found drugs he just beat her down verbally.  She could not catch a break and she needed him to help her with her mother.  So, she had to take his foul mouth.
     Then, she meets the other person in this story Dr. Brad Markson an alpha male if there ever was one.  He’s rude to everyone, mean, demanding and not a very nice human being.  He is wonderful at his job as a cardiac surgeon. 
     He doesn’t like relationships, he does like sex and he likes it hard, fast, and with no strings attached.  He knew he was going to have to dump the current lady he was seeing, Diane, for she was getting clingy.  When he meets Chloe, she’s the nurse to one of his patients he loses, a friend too.  At first he is angry with her for she is not complying with his demands for answers when he wants them.  But then he understands that she just wants to make sure that his friends and hers and their patient is laid to rest, after the emergency procedures were done, were cleaned up.  He was glad though that she stood up to him not happy but glad that she took care of their friend and had the balls to do it.  He did admire that in her, no one else ever seemed to bother to challenge him.
     From that first day he can’t stop thinking about her.  When she comes to his office to confront him about checking up on her and possibly getting her fired she is upset.  They get it settled but now his mind and both his heads are sore from wanting her.  He was not the only one that could not stop thinking and dreaming about the other.
     As a secondary not and comic relief there is the unrelationship of Bea and Dr. Larry.  Bea is the beautiful black woman who is larger than life.  She is a single mom and a secretary to Dr. Brad.  Now mind you she is only a temp who threatens to quit everyday as they banter and yell at one another (which he loves by the way.)  By the way it’s a ruse, they both love and respect one another very much.  She has been with him 3 years and he pays her double the amount he paid the last full time secretary.
     Now his best friend Dr. Larry a very white man is in a mad crush with Bea.  Yet, he is scared to death of being rejected.  Therefore, comes up with all these ways to try to get up the nerve to ask her out.  Let’s just say the first try lands her in the ER.

     This is an interesting book, it is filled with intrigue, lust, sadness, frustration, erotica, extremely funny in areas, and mystery.  The “Who done it?” is one that keeps you on your seat, I thought I knew who but wasn’t sure.  It was a nail bitter and when I found out I was, “Well crap, I knew that but not that!”

Provided by author for an honest review.

Thank You so much for being with us and letting our readers into your thoughts of what was going on while writing about your characters and this story line.  Thanks again.  We can’t wait for your next story to arrive on our Tablets, phones or shelves.

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