DON'T FLUCK IT UP by Aimee Tittlemier: My Review

DON'T FLUCK IT UP                                          AIMEE TITTLEMIER
Posted: May 29, 2014

Are you about to enter the work force? Are wondering just how to succeed in business? The first step is standing out during the hiring process, particularly given today’s highly competitive job market. That means crafting a compelling resume, shining during the interview, and following up in a professional fashion.
Don’t Fluck It Up: The Perfect YOU for the Job Interview by Aimee C. Tittlemier is the hands-on guide to getting hired. Concise and results-oriented, it teaches you everything you need to know to prepare for an interview and find the job that suits your own skill set. Taking you through every step from the job posting to the thank-you note, this indispensable resource picks up where your college degree may have recently left off.
You’ll learn techniques that will transform your job hunt, including exercises designed to help you gain confidence during the interviewing process, such as make-or-break aspects like eye contact, voice inflection, expression, and demeanor. Learn how to control nervous habits and become more comfortable in your own skin. With a little preparation, you can become the most professional version of yourself possible, and land that awesome job.

     First off I need to say I know this author personally I have had the pleasure of watching her grow into the wonderful young woman she is today.  That being said...I like that the way Aimee writes, it is the way she speaks.  Laid back, funny, excited and ready for a new challenge head on.  Believe me when I say... she truly wants you to succeed.  That’s just Aimee and the way she was raised. 
     The feeling and approach I got from this book is the same thing I heard her mom talk about in speaking about the girls in every new challenge they would face school, dance, college, and jobs.  Aimee’s mom and dad would sit them down and come out with a short and a long term goal plan then see where they were at.  Then, they would see how the girls felt it was best to go about meeting those goals, critical thinking, is a great life skill.  Then they would guide them, if need be, to either expand on a thought or give more input to another method or solution.
     This book is more of an Aimee daily “Pep Talk” if you will, of hope for you to know you can do this.  This book can help you get what she was lucky enough to be born into.  I got a lot of the old reminders that use to be drummed into students about what employers will be looking for in the market place.  Before you get there you have to know where to look and Aimee gives you some FREE websites in the book to tell you where there are job postings to help start you off.  Yet, before you do that are you sure you have all your ducks in a row as they say?  As chapter two states, “Only One First Impression.”
     Aimee even gives you examples of questions that could be asked in an interview.  So, what are the other things that you might need help on how about facial expressions, integrity of the interview, or maybe the job being the perfect job for you.  She will help you weed this all out.  This book has helpful hints, humor and Aimee’s personality, a willingness to truly want to help and the experience of being on both sides of this job force the job seeker and the interviewer that would be hiring maybe you.

(Note: Errors found in these early copies due to publisher not author.)

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