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1.) The Football Draft went as expected for the most part with Buffalo trading up to get Sammy Watkins and the Browns trading down getting players they wanted and in drafting Johnny Football with the 22nd pick.

2.)  The Pacers are trying to close out Washington tonight, but they are still not playing good basketball from game to game.  OKC is trying to close out the Clippers tonight also.

3.)  In Baseball, the talk has been on all of the young pitchers who need Tommy John surgery-used to be most guys were in there 30’s and had pitched over 3,000 innings.  Now it has been young guys who have not pitched more than a couple of 100 innings and some not even that much.  Could it be because when they are young they pitch so much and go on travel leagues?  Not giving their arms any rest?  There are many thoughts I do know this is going to be a hot topic for a while.  


  1. last week being the football draft and i was happy with the picks the Packers made. 1st getting HA-HA Dix a safety out of Alabama was big they need help at safety, right now then they draft a receiver Davante Adams, big can go up and get passes. a DT out of Southern Miss, high motor keeps going, big guy, then a TE out of Cal don't know much about him, Bradford olb out of Arizona State i saw play and was all over the field making plays, then a true center from Ohio State which was good not having to find someone to play that position since ours left in free agency. another big wide receiver ,another DB ,WR,were our last two picks.

  2. last week it looked like the NY RANGERS were going to lose to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was up 3 games to 1 and the Rangers came back to take the series, i did not see that one. i am surprised a little that Montreal beat Boston, but those two always play tough. Chicago is now just waiting for the winner of tonight's game between the Ducks and Kings, that has been another good series.

  3. Indiana beat Washington tonight but they still have to win one more game to face Miami, who now along with the Spurs get to rest their players.

  4. i am going to be keeping track of what some of these sport doctors are saying about all of these injuries to these young pitchers. maybe it does have something to do with them starting out so young and pitching year around using the same motion never giving those tendons rest. i do know that there was not as many injuries in the 70s & 80s and most of the guys i knew we all played different sports through out the year , just something to think about.


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