AN UNWILLING HUSBAND                            TERA SHANLEY
Posted:  June 20, 2014

An Unwilling HusbandFor adventurous Margaret Flemming, arrived from Boston to be with her father, the Old West town of her childhood is a far cry from the drawing rooms and balls of the high society life she’s used to. Her fancy gowns and proper manners have no place in the dusty, cruel land inhabited by Indians and rough cowboys. And her fiercely independent streak constantly gets her in trouble. When tragedy strikes, there’s only one person she can turn to--her childhood friend, Garret Shaw--but he’s disgusted with her Society ways.
With his ranch under attack from the land-grabbing Jennings, the last thing Garret needs is to be saddled with a high-falutin’ lady. Even if she is his friend’s daughter and her kind ways tug at his hardened heart. Duty to her father forces them to wed, but he knows sure as anything, when the chance comes along, she’ll go back to Boston. No matter how much he wants her, loving her is not a risk he can take.
Will Maggie choose a life of luxury and ease over struggle and hardship with an ill-mannered cowboy? Only her heart can answer.
CONTENT WARNING: A potty-mouthed proper lady, a reluctant bridegroom and all kinds of trouble.

This western starts off with you meeting Margaret Fleming, who has left Boston to come back west to the father she has ever known but that her mother left when she was 13. Now her mother has passed on and she is tired of her aunt. Happy to see her father they have a good one day visit when he is hurt and before he dies he asked or really makes his neighbor Garrett Shaw, to marry Margaret and take care of her. When he finally promises her father dies. They have his funeral and then their marriage all in the same day, Garrett and his men from his ranch are heading off on a cattle drive. From there the story takes time for them to get equated they knew each other when they were younger but he has a lot of anger built up because of her and her mother leaving soon after his own mother dying. He also has a thing with women especially who come from back East and with money thinking that they are going to run out when there is a problem. These all make for a good story plus there are more issues going on with some of the people from town. Then you have Margaret, who can be proper but also has a foul mouth as well. This is a good story about relationships and getting to know one another after years have gone bye and then working together to try to build something with a ranch and the team work it takes to do it together. There are many different story lines going in this one story and I found this book to be very entertaining. A very good book. I got this book from net galley.

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