CAUGHT UP IN HER                                       LAUREN BLAKELY
Posted:  June 20, 2014

Caught Up in Her by Lauren Blakely I’m not going to say it was love at first sight when I met her. I don’t believe in that. Because love isn’t about falling for someone’s looks. Though she was beautiful in every single way, from her dark, wavy hair to her gorgeous brown eyes, to the soft curves of her body. But that’s not why I fell so hard for her that summer. She took my breath away for reasons that had nothing to do with her looks. It was the the movies, the conversations, the walks through the small town, the nights on the beach with the waves rolling in, the way I could hold her hand and feel as if the world had simply melted away and we were all that was left. So, there was no love-at-first-sight. That would come later, and if it happened first it would take away all the reasons that stayed with me for the next five years. Even though you’re not supposed to fall for your best friend’s little sister. But that didn't stop me...

A prequel novella in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Caught Up in Love series.

     This was a case of like at first sight for Bryan Leighton’s BFF and roommate, Nate Harper at NYU then during MBA.  When it came to Nate’s little sister, Kat.  You see they were on their way home to Nate’s family’s hometown to work the gift shop.
     Turns out two years ago Nate’s mom had been in a bad car accident.  Now that she had recovered well enough they wanted to celebrate and get away to their second home.  Leaving Kat, Nate, and Bryan to work the gift shop for two weeks.  The plan was for Kat to work the mornings and Nate and Bryan to work afternoons to closing.  Once Bryan met Kat the plans changed.
     Since he is an early riser and found out that they had so much in common like movies, comic character and joking around he got up to help her with the morning shift.  They were a productive tag team, their banter turned them both on and on the first day Nate almost told both of them to go to the movies when Kat said she would be going.
     Adding fuel to the flames that had ignited the night before under the stars as they bantered.  Talking about movies, cartoon characters, and the roundabout way to sex.  Seeing the relationship form through the eyes of Bryan is a nice touch.  Especially his fears as to how it will be when his BFF finds out he is in deep with his sister.  Got this free on Amazon.
I give this story 5 stars.
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