Homecoming: The Billionaire Brothers

HOMECOMING                                          LILY EVERETT
Posted:  July   , 2014

Homecoming (The Billionaire Brothers, #4)Three billionaire brothers are about to discover exactly where they belong, in this romance from Lily Everett.Billionaire brothers Dylan, Logan, and Miles Harrington have everything they could ever want…except love. Now they’re about to travel to the magical, windswept refuge of Sanctuary Island where they’ll discover that power, fame and fortune don’t mean a thing without someone to share it with.Homecoming 

Dylan Harrington, the infamous "Bad Boy Billionaire," decides to escape his life of scandalous escapades for some R & R on Sanctuary Island. He never expects his harmless flirtation with a waitress at the Firefly Café to make him long for a simpler life. For his brother Logan Harrington, it takes a visit to Sanctuary lsland to make him recognize his true feelings for his assistant Jessica. And when eldest brother Miles travels to Sanctuary Island to knock some sense into his love struck siblings, he doesn’t expect to be blindsided by lifelong local Greta. Can the jet-setting billionaire whisk a small-town girl away to his life of luxury…or will the homey pleasures of Sanctuary Island win him over first?An incredible story of love, forgiveness, healing, and joy."—Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author onSanctuary Island  

Firefly Café
     The Harrington’s is a name known to everyone, especially to Penny Little and her son Matt.  You see not only does Penny work double shifts at the Firefly Café she is the Harrington vacation home on Sanctuary Island, on the coast of Virginia.   Part of her responsibility is to make sure everything remains in good running condition as she lives in the home.  The home means a lot to the Harrington’s for it was their grandparents. 
     Imagine her surprise when she opens her front door and the most handsome man she ever saw is standing there.  She assumes he has to be the handyman the landlords sent.  Well you know what happens when you assume.  She starts making cracks about how overly spoiled and rich the family is that they send a handyman to fix these things.  Telling him all about how they even have this crazy Bad Boy Billionaire.  He introduces himself as just Dylan not wanting to give his full name since he is the Bad Boy Billionaire she is talking about from N.Y.  But he is so over that part of his life and ready for a change and doesn’t know how or what to do about it.  Just knew this is where he needed to be to start that process.
     He likes her and her spunk most of all he this she is beautiful in a non-made up fashion girl everything fake kind of way.  He meets her son, not a great first meeting but the second sit down much better.  Mother and son conflict comes to a head and Dylan tries to help.  Penny thinks Dylan is taking a hand to Matt when really he is teach him how to defend himself.  Which worries Dylan and knows there is more to her past he needs to know. 
     I liked these two as a couple.  I liked how Dylan took Matt under his wing and even saw himself in him.  They were both growing through this friendship. 

The Summer Cottage
     What do you do when you are head of the family who are each billionaires by birth and through Miles Harrington oldest brother, Logan (boy genesis), and Dylan the oops baby.  Their parents died in a car accident so Miles keeps his eyes out, as in sending Jessica Bell (Tink) to Logan, to keep an eye out for him.
     You see since his parent’s death he has had insomnia, he works non-stop in his hi-tech electronics lab that is his families.  Which tends to put his health at risk.  Because he will go days without sleep or food.  Jessica was hired 3 years ago to keep him healthy and from over working himself to death.  Logan always complained being managed and tried firing her the first week at least 10 times.  She made it clear she worked for the corporation not him.  Now after 3 years it just made him laugh for him to say it to her now to get her all riled up.  She laughed to though she would boss him around like a child just the get a rise out of him too.  He would bach but he would do it.  He really liked her but she was an unsolved puzzle to him or at least that is what he told himself.
     The day Jessica Bell was hoping would never come came.  Logan Harrington collapsed at a conference at which he was speaking.  She quickly swooped in and had him packed up and on a private plane to Sanctuary Island.  With him baching all the way.  She was going to make him rest if it killed him or her whichever came first.  She took him straight to his grandparent’s vacation home.  She already knew the layout of the home and guest house and new rather than stay in the main house with the caretaker Logan would do better in the guest house.  Upon getting there they run right into his younger brother Dylan that he is not that close with.  She tells Penny & Dylan they will be staying in the guest house.
     This is where emotions between Jessica and Logan come alive and come to a head.  As well as Logan coming to a understanding with his past.  Not to mention seeing his little brother for the first time as a man brings up some old emotions from when his parents died and he bailed on his little brother when he needed him the most.
     I truly enjoyed seeing the transformation of Logan being totally self-absorbed and fearful to a man in touch with emotion.  And the all-out emotional connection he feels for and with Jessica.  And seeing when he comes to that realization when he figures out he will lose her.

Island Road
Miles Harrington has been the one who has had to hold it all together since his parents passed away.  He has felt solely responsible for Logan and Dylan, his two younger brothers.  Not to mention his families multimillion dollar corporation and its other holdings.
     Including the property his grandparents vacation home on Sanctuary Island.  This has now become the sore spot of his being.  You see he hasn’t seen or talked to his brother Dylan in a very long while due to their differences.  When really they are so much alike.  As for Logan he has always been held up in his lab working so they are hardly close but at least agree to disagree about most bad decisions that Dylan makes.
     So, when he hears Dylan is getting married to the caretaker of his Grandparents home he takes the helicopter there to talk sense into him.  Dylan and Logan want no part of Miles’ advice you see he also finds out Logan is dating Jessica the woman Miles hired to care for Logan so he wouldn’t overwork or become ill which he already thinks she failed at since he fainted at a conference.
     Since no one was listening to him and he was being taunted by Penny’s best friend and Maid of Honor, Greta Hackley he decided to stick around.  Well, that and the fact that Greta was hotter than hell and when he tried to put her off her mark by kissing her he liked it way too much.
    Not only does he need to pump her for the real reason Penny want to marry his little brother but he needs to see why there is such an attractions between them.  It really throws him off his mark and it bugs him.  The chemistry is off the charts and it is happening with this average girl from Sanctuary when he has been with royalty, super models, etc…
     Greta thinks he’s a pompous ass for even thinking of wanting to break up his brother’s wedding plans.  She happens to think they are the perfect match for each other and that is before any of them knew who he even was.  Now that they do, no one will hold it against him.  Her saying that throws Miles off his mark.
     I really enjoyed this chemistry because they seem so different even more so then the other two brothers with their girlfriends.  They fit and yet their differences make them work because they teach each other about a part of the world they didn’t know or rather understand, teach the other about themselves too, and of each other by their differences too.  I give this book 5 stars.  You can find us:

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