Curvy Women: Talks About Being Your Perfect Selfie

Curvy Women:
Talks About Being Your Perfect Selfie

     I think we have a perfect person in this summer of 2014 to be the spear head of this fight for all our young girls living in the world of selfies and it's Meghan Trainor.  She is a beautiful 20 year old young lady from Nantucket.  She lives in a fast pace world of song writing which started right out of high school for all kinds of famous artist like Rascal Flats and Rhianna.  With even as famous as she is she too has problems with body image in this perfect world.  Especially in this media everything has a perfect app but does the world really need a perfect selfies app.  Is this what we need our girls to learn that we have to be perfect?
     She thought this was a perfect way of sending a fun message out to all young women out there that there is no perfect and you don’t have to be.  I for one think that is wonderful.  We and (she) I am sure is not promoting being fat by any means so those who are going to start hating and fighting over what we are saying, What we are promoting is people or should I say women/girls  not being fat we are just being accepted no matter what.  What I am saying is that we as a nation need to be able, first and foremost, need to be able to accept ourselves and others for who and what we are no matter what we look like. 
     That 20 lbs. a thin person is trying to lose can be just as hard for an obese person by 10 fold.  We are just asking that people just have some compassion for those that have weight on them.  You do not know why they even have it.  It could be an illness, it could be medication, or it could really be none of our business.  Can’t we just humble ourselves enough to say, “There but by the grace of God go I?” Think about it as if it were you child or mother or father you would not think ill of them, would you?  If you would, Hmmm? 
     This song is catchy, fun and worth its weight in gold.  I just hope a lot of kids and parents can understand the greater message and work on it becoming its own new fad.

Now this video I can so relate to and I want you to see what we as mothers have taught our daughters is okay to do.  If you did not teach it we have allowed it and I have to take a front seat on this one too.  I have to admit to being guilty of both.  I am a work in progress, I so am.

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