Posted:  July 16, 2014

It Happened in Wisconsin2013 Winner Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award General Fiction In an America ravaged by the Great Depression, a talented but ragtag baseball team sets out to change the world. Barnstorming the back roads and dusty ballparks of the Midwest, the Racine Robins rally fans to the populist cause, raising money for soup kitchens and strike funds even as they thrill small-town crowds and dazzle opponents on the field. Yet winning the hearts and minds of the people turns out to be easier for the players than facing the twin seductions of love and money, conflicting desires that threaten to derail everything they are fighting to achieve. After a sudden April snowstorm forces the Robins to find shelter in the Rockefeller hotel, events are set in motion that will change the way they view their team and each other. Can this tough, tight-knit group stay true to its great cause when ambition and longing come knocking?

This story begins like any story a man talking, but you find out a little while into the book the person telling the story is in a retirement home and he is telling a story of a year when he was traveling with a minor league baseball team in the north mid-west. He was a pitcher and as they were traveling he is telling the different stories that happened this one year. And the year it snowed so much that they got stuck in a town and all of the different happenings that was going on. Some of the players wanting to quit another getting married on the field before the game. Stories like that. Even some rich man trying to buy some of the better players. I found each either funny or sad but I think it is up to you the reader to come to your own conclusions. The person telling the story you never find out which person (name) he is, but I got the feeling he was looking back at being younger and the days were fun and care free. A very good baseball book. I got this book from net galley.

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