HUNT THE WOLF                                    DON MANN
Posted:  Aug. 21, 2014

Hunt the Wolf (Seal Team Six, #1)Navy SEAL Team Six commando Don Mann infuses his debut military thriller with the real-life details only a true insider can reveal.

In the midst of a grueling training exercise, Thomas Crocker, USN, unearths a pocket of terrorism that leads straight from the slopes of K2 to the cities of Europe and the Middle East. Crocker and his team, who are trained for the most intense kinds of combat in the most extreme environments, must blaze through a perilous web of terrorist cells to track down a ruthless sheikh who is running an international kidnapping ring before his captives pay the ultimate price.

HUNT THE WOLF is an adrenaline-packed novel sure to appeal to fans of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, featuring the world’s most elite soldiers and based on the experiences of renowned SEAL Team Six commando Don Mann.


I am reading these books out of order, I started with the most recent one first and now I have gone back to read the other ones. In this fist story it begins in Morocco, with the Embassy being bomb. You are introduced to the team led by Crocker and a man from the CIA that he seems to be arguing with. Here they are climbing MT. Everest and while there they met a man from Norway who explains to him about girls going missing. After some tragic events on the mountain they are order for another mission and while on that mission the team comes across information that leads them to not only the missing girl from Norway but many other missing girls as well. It also leads them to their target. But like everything nothing is easy. They do complete the mission and the story is entertaining and I found that the last half of the book more fast paced than the first part of the story. a good first book. I got this book from net galley.

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