MORE THAN FRIENDS                          BEVERLY FARR
Posted:  Aug. 29, 2014

More Than Friends (Romantic Short Story)Carrie is meeting a group of friends for dinner, but it ends up being just the two of them -- her and a new guy, Josh. This could be awkward. More Than Friends is a sweet romantic short story, 2500 words long. 
2,870 words

 This is one super short story.  It is mainly what most would call the beginning of a love story.  If you look at it that way I would have to say true.
     This is two co-workers who work just two cubicles down from each other in the accounting department at work.  On Friday’s after work a steady group of between 4-8 shows up to have dinner at different restaurants each week.  This week though only Carrie and Josh could make it.
     At first they felt a little awkward but once they settled in it was all good.  Their talk just flowed until…The chemistry appeared to be good.  Until a mystery guest appears at the restaurant and causes an awkward vibe.  Josh is cool and plays along with her then when not needed drops her like she wasn’t there.  I give this 4 stars.

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